Andrew Sullivan: One mouse does it, so both sides do it

In Australia, there’s a manly mouse that fucks a lot. A lot. Everybody knows. Andrew Sullivan peeks at the rodent boudoir then explains to us what it really means:

It still amuses me to read blank-slate lefties insisting that gender difference is a function of culture alone.

Shocking! Brilliant! Except that nobody – not even the windblown professor currently sitting as Dean of the College of Chomsky – has ever said that gender is just…a culture thing. Nobody. I haven’t seen anyone approach that territory in the last thirty years, at least. Sully’s a scam. A pop-culture con job. He and Camille Paglia should play in a band.

To me, it’s the same kind of scientific know-nothingism that you find on the right with respect to evolution.

Forty-eight percent of conservatives think evolution is a scam. Zero percent of liberals think a mouse needs a course in gender sensitivity. Let’s check the scoreboard, shall we? That would be sixty million…to zero. One of these things is bigger than the other, can you tell? But now it all becomes clear – Both Sides Do It.

You think you’re smart, Andrew? You want to give us a wake-up call? Then answer me this: Who is this mouse having sex with? Punjab orphans? Or female mice? How do you figure the victims are wired? Both Sides Do It.


2 thoughts Andrew Sullivan: One mouse does it, so both sides do it

  1. avatar SAm says:

    Speaking as an open-minded conservative, the radical lefties would do better at convincing me about this whole “civilizations depend on combined resources” notion if they would just stop calling for all the small business people in America to be stripped and beaten for their sin of creating jobs.

    Sigh .. What a great life being a conservative pundit must be. This literally amounts to less work than mailing it in. Do they really get paid for this? Are they still accepting applications, or are they so saturated they’re only accepting leggy blondes and self-loathing minorities at this time?

  2. avatar toma says:

    …and that game’s already gone on long enough that you can bet 1.) Fox News and 2.) National Review are fairly frankly sick of the minority hires by now. Not that they aren’t super serious about casting their serious votes for Gov. Palin or Dr. Carson for president. Any time now, seriously. Stop laughing.

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