Umm my director is asking me not to talk to you anymore

Creationist David Isaacs has been busy. Practicing his Think Fu.

He said during an episode of “Creation Today” that he had studied works by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, E.O. Wilson, and other “purveyors of evolutionary thought” and found himself in “a very, very dark place,” reported the Friendly Atheist blog.

Rommel, you magnificent bastard. I read your book.

“You have to start asking questions: Well, if evolution is true, and it’s just all about the male propagating their DNA, we had to ask hard questions, like, well, is rape wrong?” Isaacs said, as one of his hosts gasps.

What about “rain”? I suppose if that’s true it would be alright for me to piss on your leg. Hello. What’s that, Isaac Newton? “Gravity”? I guess it would be okay to sit around and drop anvils on each other’s heads. All day. No wonder America hates Science.