Libtards, dildos and guns

New York based Evolve Together has taken on the task of getting Americans to be more responsible with their guns. They’ve developed and are now publicizing a “code” for gun folks – a belief system upon which simple gun safety practices can be popularized across the country. These are beliefs that responsible gun owners, the shrinking and few, already hold. So it’s nothing ‘progressive,’ or new.

The Code includes tenets such as I believe that owning a gun is a responsibility. And that gun safety is the most important part of that responsibility. I believe a gun in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing. I will be answerable for every gun I own at all times.

To that end Evolve recently recorded and posted a video relating to the ‘wrong hands’ tenet. It warns of the dangers of children getting ahold of unsecured weapons. The theme: If they find it, they’ll play with it.

I heartily endorse both the group and the ad. I also wish the good people of Evolve the very best of luck in this campaign because I know, as sensible and apolitical as they may be, that gun owners will soon find them, hate them, and bully them in a manic, senseless, and hysterical fashion. The wingnut comments on the YouTube thread are exactly what you’d expect. No one can ask an American to keep his guns out of the reach of little children because LIBERAL FUCKTARD.

That’s what the Jews thought… I’ve seldom heard a statement as stupid as guns aren’t a necessity. They are a necessity if you don’t want to get killed. So far I haven’t heard of the invention pussies such as yourself have come up with to end violence. IN FACT, crime is higher per capita in majority liberal cities than anywhere else…

Go back to playing He-Man with your dildo now sport…

This was a great PSA… Then they went and made it about guns. Seriously, using dildos as an allegory to guns is completely fucking ridiculous. Leave it about making sure you lock up your sex toys parents.

Though I’d like to know why Married Mom B leaves her toys at Married Mom A’s house… Way to push extramarital relations Bloomberg! Score 1 for polyamory. 

Humorous and thinly veiled gun control add (just like the others by this user) but also a statement of our weak society and our undisciplined children.

How about teach your kids not to touch things that don’t belong to them? Respect for rules placed? Respect for your parents room?
Sex toys, firearms, power tools, whatever.

I knew better than to be digging in my mom’s closet or dressers. Quick way to get smacked with whatever I happened to find there.

I’m sorry, children playing with rubber penises is wildly inappropriate. Reported.

Until I see any evidence to the contrary, I’ll linger in the belief that gun nuts are insane.