American Exceptionalism barn raising and later pancake breakfast

The Fourth of July provides us an opportunity to gaze at the panorama of this big nation, and to appreciate perhaps the ongoing notion of boom. And to appreciate in addition what would be ka-boom in the realm of conservative politics, the notion of American Exceptionalism. Not that I know what that is.

I’m fairly sure it’s more cliché than concept. Like a product endorsement, or a commercial tagline. Like Fox News’ ‘Fair and Balanced’, or Charmin’s ‘Strength and Softness.’ It’s not meant to be measured against or attained, it’s meant to be cast as ornament, like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Although when used as a ‘concept’ it can tease the idea of America! out of an argument – and maybe it is primarily a thought, I don’t know – but that’s some highfalootin’ Charles Krauthammer shit right there. It also works pretty good as a suggestion to your enemies that America Is My Penis. And you’re dead, fag.

Closet Gay Wuss Chris Hayes Lectures That Part Of World Cup Is ‘Accepting The Fact The U.S. Cannot Assert Its Dominance’
Pat Dollard • July 2, 2014 • Home » Politics

Pat had to crawl into MSNBC’s dustiest corner to bring you this expose’. Thankfully there’s a TV anchor and hot cameras in every room, no matter where you go.

Ugly! MSNBC’s Chris Hayes couldn’t help insulting US after World Cup loss
bizpacreview • July 2, 2014 • by Michele Kirk

While Tuesday’s World Cup match between USA and Belgium brought out patriotism in most of the country, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes couldn’t stop himself from insulting America after the tough 2-1 loss.

Hayes said, in part:

“Part of embracing a truly worldwide competition is accepting the fact the U.S. cannot simply assert its dominance. Turns out we have to play just like everybody else.”

Hayes was supposed to say America can dominate soccer any time it wants. I’m sure that would have made the returning men’s national team feel a whole lot better.

Host on non-dominant cable net: Soccer loss should prove to some that U.S. ‘can’t simply assert its dominance’
By Doug Powers • July 1, 2014 10:53 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

When seeking experts on an inability to assert dominance, turn to low-rated MSNBC — in this case one of their hosts, Chris Hayes:

While praising the huge American crowds across the country that came out to support the U.S., Hayes condemned what he called “anti-soccer trolls” whose aversion, he said, is “weirdly tied to American exceptionalism.” He then made this statement.

“Part of embracing a truly worldwide competition is accepting the fact the U.S. cannot simply assert its dominance,” Hayes said. “Turns out we have to play just like everybody else.”

After the show, one of Hayes’ straw men beat him 10 to nil in a spirited foosball match in the green room.

Hayes’ biggest lib-whacking straw man being “the U.S. cannot simply assert its dominance.” Shall we nibble the bait? Let’s put this as simply as we can: The United States can assert its dominance anytime everywhere. Never is American Exceptionalism more evident than when we fail at a game that conservatives somehow despise on principle and where we have a century-long losing record.

Doug himself is a great example of indefatigable Exceptionalism. It’s no accident he bookends everything he posts with **Written by Doug Powers**. That’s so you don’t think Michelle Malkin keeps his balls in a reliquary next to the ammo closet.

Chris Hayes: Embracing Soccer Is Accepting ‘the US Cannot Simply Assert Its Dominance’ • 1 Jul 2014 210 • post a comment

On Tuesday’s “All In” on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes reacted to the United States men’s national soccer team’s 2-1 loss to Belgium earlier in the day, which eliminated them from World Cup. But according to Hayes, that loss wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Hayes explained that in his view there was lesson to be learned, which was American exceptionalism and dominance weren’t factors in this competition and therefore, that’s “ultimately alright.”

Oh it’s isn’t alright. American Exceptionalism and dominance are dominant – period. So thoroughgoing and omnipotent are they that it’s becoming a hellfire miserable job having to prop them up all the time. I’m getting tired of having to remind you about this. So let’s go, heave ho, Godzilla. Tote that sparge, lift that snail.