Wall Street Journal sees all Gazans as legitimate targets

Thane Rosenbaum wrote himself a real Wall Street Journal corker the other day, but that’s not too surprising. Among the mainstream media there’s not much to offer in the manner of decent reporting or analysis when it comes to the current invasion of Gaza. There’s not much honesty to be found among Americans generally when it comes to what the Israelis choose to do – they’re our best friends, and that’s just that.

So we have gotten accustomed to outlets from NPR to Fox News looking at the Palestinian/Israeli conflict from a terrorist/civilian perspective. Can you really blame the victims for wanting to fight back? Can you criticize them for killing the bad guys at a 10/1 or 100/1 clip? Yes, of course you can. When the Israelis have all the power, money, technology and superpower support, you certainly can.

Just because your friends want to stomp on their neighbors like cockroaches – in violation of international law – doesn’t mean that they should. This is where Thane Rosenbaum and I disagree.

Let’s state the obvious: No one likes to see dead children. Well, that’s not completely true: Hamas does. They would prefer those children to be Jewish, but there is greater value to them if they are Palestinian.

Great opening. Thane’s…let’s call it aversion…to Palestinian people is quite striking. He doesn’t hate them for a paltry one or two reasons. He hates them for everything – including the way they loathe their own children. Presumably the daily images of weeping parents in Gaza come about when Israeli warplanes take out a bus terminal rather than a daycare center.

Outmatched by Israel’s military, handicapped by rocket launchers with the steady hands of Barney Fife, Hamas is playing the long game of moral revulsion.

Thane gets wound up pretty quickly. Hamas are so pathetic a bunch they can’t even launch their own modern air force or satellite systems. That’s probably because they’re all neurotic losers like Barney Fife. I don’t understand why the IDF haven’t routed these basket-cases already.

Their weapon of choice, however, seems to be the cannon fodder of their own people, performing double duty in also sounding the drumbeat of Israeli condemnation.

What is the Palestinian ‘weapon of choice’? The cannon fodder of their own people. Rosenbaum assumes Gazans are strategically hoarding whatever their own cannons have been blowing up. If this is true and they’re hucking shredded tin cans and wads of paper at streaking jets this would explain their limited anti-aircraft capabilities. Gazans should make better choices. On the other hand I confess that any weapon ‘performing double duty in also sounding the drumbeat of Israeli condemnation’ is a fascinating multi-functional wonder. The Sammy Davis Jr. of the conflict.

If you can’t beat Iron Dome, then deploy sacrificial children as human shields.

If you can’t get a missile past their defenses then go and get yourself some sacrificial children. Place them strategically in the kitchens and living rooms of homes to be demolished by Israeli airstrikes. Cleverly use the rest of the children for bomb-making and related household chores.

Civilian casualties will continue to mount. The evolving story will focus on the collateral damage of Palestinian lives. Israel’s moral dilemma will receive little attention.

Number of Israeli civilians killed in this conflict? Two. Number of Israelis killed in such conflicts all of last year? Six. Last month, a pair of anti-government terrorists assassinated two policeman then shot a Wal-Mart shopper in Las Vegas. You don’t see the Marines invading Nevada, do you?

Each time the ledgers of relative loss are reported, world public opinion will turn against the Jewish state and box Israel into an even tighter corner of the Middle East.

I’m rarely swayed by ledger-reporting, but death tolls can be shocking. Does Thane wonder why Israel is getting such bad press? No. It’s more like he’s shocked anybody could feel sorry for the mean old Palestinians. Sure, they used to be able to dodge Israeli offensives by escaping into the Sinai Peninsula – before the Egyptians started shooting everyone on sight – but with all the dead children on television now, it’s the poor Israelis who are starting to feel BOXED IN.

Well they shouldn’t feel too bad. Wanna know why? Sure, Thane will tell you:

Under such maddening circumstances, are the adults, in a legal and moral sense, actual civilians? To qualify as a civilian one has to do more than simply look the part…After all, when everyone is wearing casual street clothing, civilian status is shared widely.

When 99% of the ‘civilians’ are not armed, civilian status is shared widely. It’s true. That’s not just looking the part, that’s living it. But when the last 1% are armed, that’s a game-changer for Thane. Worse yet:

The people of Gaza overwhelmingly elected Hamas, a terrorist outfit dedicated to the destruction of Israel, as their designated representatives. Almost instantly Hamas began stockpiling weapons and using them against a more powerful foe with a solid track record of retaliation.

What did Gazans think was going to happen?

And what did Thane think was going to happen? Is he remotely aware that beside operating hospitals and schools, and stockpiling weapons, Hamas gets involved in other things? They tamp down the 24-hour society-wide calls for revenge against the Israelis. The kidnapping and murder of three teens went down in Hebron – over in the West Bank – and was neither ordered nor approved by Hamas leadership. The Israelis knew this immediately after it happened. So why is Israel killing hundreds of civilians IN GAZA? That’s the real question.

Thane, and the American center-right, et. al., hold on to these uniformly craven views of Palestinians so they can argue sincerely that non-Israelis aren’t entitled to the same consideration you and I are. It’s Rosenbaum’s essential point: As god as my witness, these people are different.

Surely they must have understood on election night that their lives would now be suspended in a state of utter chaos. Life expectancy would be miserably low; children would be without a future. Staying alive would be a challenge, if staying alive even mattered anymore.

Wouldn’t want to live if I were you. Know what I mean? Can’t you just see? No – and this is why the Arab untermenschen deserve everything the Israelis do to them. The U.N. warns us against “Collective Punishment,” and tells us it’s against international law, but the Wall Street Journal wants us to come around to this way of thinking.