The Donald patriotic as a fickle wind

Donald Trump is no intellectual, but he knows how to drive the wingnuts into fits of rage.

The thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children are being treated better than American veterans and a Marine stuck in Mexico, Donald Trump said on Laura Ingraham’s radio show.

The mouthbreathers think the President’s a foreigner, so Donald plays him up as a traitor. Trump, perhaps even above money, loves a tawdry thrill.

Which is why Obama is exactly the sort of guy to run your mother over with a welcome wagon racing to the border. Or haven’t you noticed? And what about those expeditionary patriots returning from some guerrilla war, just trying to get themselves back home? Back to family, Sunday school and apple pie – what about them? Why are they being shot down at the border, or something?

“You know, the only one we can’t get back into the country is our Marine,” Trump said on Thursday, referring to U.S. Marine reservist Andrew Tahmooressi, who mistakenly crossed in to Mexico with firearms and is being held there by the Mexican government. “I mean, everyone else is flowing in from Mexico and the Marine is stuck in prison.”

Any red-blooded Commander-in-Chief would have invaded Mexico by now and liberated the guy. Does it really matter how many of another country’s foreign laws he’s broken? When he’s a Marine? Sorry he spit on your corner-stand tacos, Judge Flaco, but we’re all going home now. And we’re real sorry about the body count too, pal, kmalobye.

But that won’t happen, not with the country the way it is, not now. Instead of an American leader, this nation has been cursed with… an African Cumbaya. There he is down on his knees at the Mexican border, only too happy to receive the disease-ridden chupacabritos with open arms. And dare I say with our best healthcare:

Additionally, needy veterans continue to suffer from through the widespread mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs, he said, “but I guarantee we’ll take care of these [immigrants] if they come.”

Donald’s point being of course that Americans are the best. They deserve only the very finest we can offer. For a president to give preferential care and treatment to others – who haven’t even earned it, obviously, absent even the smallest virtues or sacrifices – is an example of treasonous politics. Foreign favoritism. Anti-Americanism, sheer and stark. Harumph.

Oh and by the way, speaking of sacrifices. Did you hear about the pair of American volunteers who got infected with Ebola virus?

An American doctor and another U.S. aid worker helping to combat an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa are now infected with disease.

The first American reported to have contracted the disease is Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, from Fort Worth, Texas, the North Carolina-based charity Samaritan’s Purse said…

The second American to contract the disease was identified as Nancy Writebol of Charlotte, N.C. Isaacs said she was a worker with an allied aid group SIM, or Serving in Mission, which runs the hospital where Samaritan’s Purse has an Ebola care center on the grounds. He said she was in stable and serious condition.

About that, there’s some good news. They’re being returned home. That’s no surprise, it’s their best shot at surviving the deadly disease.

So now they’ll be getting the country’s very best healthcare.

Because they’re Americans, and they deserve nothing less.


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  1. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    We just need to prove Tahmooressi is a liberal, then Laura Ingraham and every conservative will demand the Mexican government execute him.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Please don’t cheat our litmus tests.

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