Some of my worst friends are Krauthammer fans

Charles Krauthammer likes to say intelligent things because he’s no Jew-hating Nazi bigot wondering if hundreds of innocent people are dying without any good reason.

“The rest of the world’s reaction to what’s happening in Gaza is Orwellian,” Krauthammer said. “It is shocking, especially in Europe. It is a resurgence of anti-Semitism not seen since the `30s, this is a recurrence, it’s all over the world, and don’t tell me its anti-Zionism. You listen to the slogan, you see the sign, Hitler was right in Germany, a sign in Germany saying that this is a veneer that is a front for anti-Semitism and it is back. It’s all over the world.”

Gaza. The reaction to it all over the whole world has been that everyone hates The Jews for no reason at all. All across the planet Charles Krauthammer has become a suddenly hounded minority, which proves that George Orwell was right all along. If there’s a point that Charles is trying to make, a good one, I admit, it’s that there are some things even worse than bigotry. There is something more despicable than hating someone for no reason, and that thing is hating someone for a reason.

For example: Acting like a violent asshole. That’s just exactly the type of reason – heck, it could even be the actual reason – why anti-slaughter sentiment may have exploded all across the world. Apart from that, just why everyone has returned to their 17th-century racist roots is a mystery. Incidentally, a fellow who equates “The Jews” with “Israeli Politicians” in order to portray millions of people as persecution victims is, I’m fairly sure, an intelligent and thoughtful non-partisan.

Given the mood I’m in I’m pretty sure I could go on all day about what a choleric viper Charles Krauthammer is. But then, alternatively, I might post the reactions of his never racist Zionist conservatives to his well-supported accusations of rampant anti-Semitism. Because if there’s anyone among us who secretly hates The Jews, I’m fairly convinced that it’s going to be us. The Liberals.

The left pride themselves on counterfactualism.

Yep, it’s all about emotions; car salesmen use the same trick [apology to car salesmen] to get you emotionally invested and in that new ride TODAY, just sign on the dotted line.

Effin’ hippies…and I’m an old hippie.

LoL Car salesmen is a Jew job.

Don’t forget – they’re also bankers, shyster lawyers and conspiracists. These are the opinions of the pure-hearted and cosmopolitan commenters at

How anyone of the Jewish faith voted for Obama and the democrats is beyond my understanding.

Simple. They put their liberalism ahead of their faith.

They have had a history of worshiping false idols.

Some would say it’s the reason why they’re always getting into trouble.

I think you just explained it. Jewish FAITH. Not to be confused with left-leaning secularists (if not outright Marxist atheists) who happen to have Jewish ancestors.

Such people are no more Jewish by virtue of their pedigree than I am Catholic for having ancestors from County Cork. Judaism is a belief system, not a birthright.

The Secular Jews you speak of are still racially Jewish. And because of their biological drives engage in communism/Marxism.

That’s an accusation right out of the Hitler handbook. How these guys can be both disgusted by those people and mesmerized by Krauthammer is a puzzle.

Unfortunately, there’s more. Internet Superintelligence™ Vox Day re-posts Krauthammer’s take to remind everybody that he predicted all of this long ago. Then he makes an argument Chuck might not exactly agree with: Viral and planetary Jew-hating isn’t just real, it’s well deserved.

One would do well to reflect upon why the Roman treatment of the Jews was so much harsher than their treatment of nearly every other people they conquered from Britain to Egypt, aside from the Carthaginians. Were the Romans mysteriously anti-semitic too or did the Jews manage to upset them in some manner?

Would you like to know? Wonder no more; it’s the latter.

Anti-semitism can be irrational but it is not always so, and pretending otherwise is both disingenuous and futile… The world knows that the U.S. Congress is Israeli-occupied territory. The world knows who owns Hollywood, the U.S. media, and the bailed-out banks. The world knows who has been flooding its nations with third-world barbarians who don’t even understand the concept of indoor plumbing.

I can’t imagine why a prudent conservative like this would get thrown out of the Science Fiction Writers of America…

…too many of us have seen incompetent, inept, and lazy Jews advanced in tribal fashion over far more capable, competent, and responsible Gentiles. Too many of us observe that Germany and China appear to be doing rather well these days despite lacking the benefit of Jewish guidance. Second, and much more importantly, no one cares why.

That bit about China managing to survive even after their Jews were expelled, or exterminated, really made me think. The fact that no one (other than Vox) even bothers to talk about their obvious fecklessness – not to mention their gob-smacking existence – proves the world is finally sick and tired of them. So we can live without you now Chinese Zac Efron, and Winona Ryder. You might think you’re a real big deal but you’re not.

I could easily go on with more examples, but I have a life.

The way Charles Krauthammer sees the world is sad and laughable. To him, the Israeli politicians running the slaughter in Gaza are fine and credible examples of moral Jewry. And how you react to what they do specifically is simply the way you see Jewish people in general. This is the staggeringly stupid notion he clings to, to the detriment of all other notions. Other than bigotry, he sees no reason why anyone would bother to complain about the deaths of innocent women and children. Meanwhile, shockingly large numbers of his fans are actual anti-Semites. They’re the types of people who would hate Charles on sight if he weren’t so darn good at reminding the world that liberals are the real racists.