Gay Marriage something something bad ooby dooby God’s Love

Gallic brainy-guy knock-off Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry gazes in wide wonder at the political support for same-sex marriage. He can’t believe the way progressives have ignored the great moral traditions and intellectual prowess of the Christians who are freaking out about homosexuality. Could you liberals be more insensitive? You simply deny that conservatives hold a deep concern for the health and well-being of Homo sapiens. And dare I say this ignorance bodes ill for the planet’s denizens?

…this movement is based on a premise that is based on a misreading of history. And this misreading could drive the movement to ends it wouldn’t desire.

I dare – I dared. Of course, you might argue that religions have always adapted to fit the times, and it’s merely time for Christianity to do so again. For instance, they don’t bury slutty women up to their necks and use their heads for target practice any more (outsourcing). But on this matter, heathen-sexuality, Christians are and continue to be unshakable. There’s a good reason for that. Because…GREEN EGGS AND HAM.

The God who made the Universe is also, by his very nature, Love, and he made human beings with a very lofty vocation. Humans are meant to reflect His glory in the world; to be like God, that is to say, to be lovers and creators.

Isn’t Gobry knowledgeable? Homosexuality is out of its league, with him.

The fruitfulness of the marriage act reflects that God is a creator and has charged man to be an agent of his ongoing work of creation. And, finally, if God’s love means total self-giving unto death on a Cross, then man and wife must give themselves to each other totally — no pettiness, no adultery, no polygamy, no divorce, and no nonmarital sexual acts.

And such is the Godly practice of Marriage. Well, not in any Earthly reality, of course, because that would be hellish. But there’s a point to be reckoned with here about the quintessence of penis-in-vagina, and about utopian standards of behavior. Those things are what marriage is really about, very obviously. Right. The institution wasn’t meant for non-traditional flakes and weirdos. See you at the Liza Minnelli spousal, I’ll be sitting with Larry King.

…the point is clear: From the start, Christians embodied a different way of life. From the start, they understood a particular sexual ethic to be a keystone of this way of life. And they understood the logic of this ethic as prohibiting (among other things) homosexual acts.

And wasn’t ‘Christian Marriage’ an improvement upon bestiality, gang rape, and the like? Of course it was. Do you want to go back to living in caves? Having raccoons for tea? Certainly not. I believe that I, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, have proven my point. Let’s not dwell on this outrageous topic any more…