Off we go, into the blue oyster culter

Why the American Air Force is full of god-bothering loons I don’t know. It’s just been that way for years.

…the Air Force would not accept his contract because he had crossed out the phrase “so help me God.” The airman was told his only options were to sign the religious oath section of the contract without adjustment and recite an oath concluding with “so help me God,” or leave the Air Force, the AHA said.

One of us! One of us! How very Medieval.

Air Force Instruction 36-2606 spells out the active-duty oath of enlistment, which all airmen must take when they enlist or reenlist and ends with “so help me God.” The old version of that AFI included an exception: “Note: Airmen may omit the words ‘so help me God,’ if desired for personal reasons.”

Oops sorry, how very modern. It’s not just an appalling Federal vale of Christianity, it’s of EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANITY. There are no alternatives to that, as you know. There is your Jesus, and there is you’re Satan’s rotisserie chicken for brunch. If you don’t yet realize how harsh it will be, being nibbled on by Satan, Airman Freshface will soon be here to tell you.

Colorado Springs is a nasty Jesus cult:

There have been complaints at the academy that a Jewish cadet was told the Holocaust was revenge for the death of Jesus and that another Jew was called a Christ killer by a fellow cadet. A banner in the football team’s locker room read: “I am a Christian first and last … I am a member of Team Jesus Christ.”

Also, there have been complaints that cadets were pressured to attend chapel, that academy staffers put New Testament verses in government e-mail, and that cadets used the e-mail system to encourage others to see the Mel Gibson movie “The Passion of the Christ.”

Over 4,000 flyers raving about the Gibson torture-fest were put down at dinner seats. Cadets who wanted to see the film were given time off, and the heathens were confined to barracks.