The passion of the unconscious wife, by Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy takes a breather from whacking his Mohammed piñata to defend our Men of the Gridiron.

The progressive soap-opera storyline of the Rice coverage is that our aggressive, competitive culture, which has made the NFL so popular, desensitizes men to the gravity of domestic violence; that women are uniformly outraged by this state of affairs; and that football and the men who play it must be tamed.

I don’t recall; the men of football; needing to be tamed. Someone however has run amok with the use of fancy punctuation. But that’s no excuse for being a, what other less-cultured bloggers might call, “blithering idiot.”

ESPN’s Sports Center reported, incredulously, that many female Ravens fans proudly wore their No. 27 jerseys… One woman, clad in her Rice jersey, explained that while she did not condone his behavior, Rice had said he was sorry and was deserving of a second chance, just like other people who have done abominable things.


A second female Rice fan conceded that there was no excuse for the running back’s violent aggression, but contended that it was for the legal system, not the NFL, to punish him.

I can imagine how fans would greet the return of Ray Rice, legendary wife beater – with prominent cheers and boos. This would likely be accompanied by a smattering of home-grown fistfights in the stands. Why the NFL would be leery of such a spectacle is puzzling. Why can’t the big boys just play ball, mommy? Why can’t all football players play every Sunday afternoon? Andy hambing a sportz sadz, sniff. Here’s the point:

Through all of this, the ESPN anchor played the role of amen-corner, not interviewer. There was no suggestion that the women clad in Rice jerseys might have some valid points — it was simply accepted that they were well-meaning simpletons who, like schoolboys, need “reprogramming.”

Oh please, women are the only sensible people on the planet. You never see them, for example, marrying serial killers wasting away in jail. Here’s the round up, pardner:

1.) Progressives say women are “uniformly outraged by this state of affairs.”
2.) But some women, “incredulously,” are not.
3.) You and Bono should listen to these people.

Say, where’s Janay Palmer? Is she conscious yet? Can you speak, dear? The world would love to hear from you.

“To take something away from the man I love that he has worked” for all his life is “horrific,” she said. “Ravensnation we love you!” she added.

Good enough for me. This would be a brand new way of dealing with domestic violence, by the way.