The particular way conservatives very sincerely respect women

On Thursday, geobiologist A. Hope Jahren wrote about sexual assault in science academia, particularly as it occurs during field work. Though Jahren didn’t know her attacker, the perpetrators are frequently senior members on a research team. In one study, 26% of the female scientists said they had been assaulted.

This is shocking crap, right?

Of course, the push to encourage women in science is only going to cause more such sexual assaults to take place, which is one more reason why it is a bad idea.

…shocking because ladies don’t know their place. Take a hint from Internet Superintelligence Vox Day, skirts:

Science doesn’t need more women, especially if more women in the field are going to help transform otherwise good male scientists into rapists and sex criminals.

Leave J. Robert Rapenheimer alone! Can’t you see him masturbating into his Mastodon skull? Science!

Comments, anyone? You there, waving the burning cross.

If more women entering science are accompanied by more males of color, rapes will slowly be reduced to nothing as white males are forced out. This is why feminists are so firmly allied with communities of color and so firmly in support of mass immigration from female-friendly places like Mexico and Somalia.

Remember people: Do not wash your pointy hats with acetone. The fumes can be toxic. I can’t stress that enough. Anyone else? You there, wearing the deerstalker, peering at us through an eyeglass.

Here is the thing about woman with an IQ at least three standard deviations above the norm. They don’t have interests, they have all consuming obsessions. They will constantly be walking into walls because they are in another world. They have no real sense of self awareness half the time. To put it mildly this creates a window of vulnerability.

Female intelligence makes for vulnerability. Super. Fortunately, the other women are well aware that America is a roiling rape carnival. This would explain why sexual assault is so prevalent on university campuses, and we offer our tragic thanks to Messderp Poirot, of course. Now the gentleman right here, up front, standing in a pool of drool.

Look.. any time you run into a pretty female scientist or engineer you know without doubt that they got there based soley on thier looks … i have watched it time and time again as they use sexuality to advance so the claim that they somehow dont know what qas happening in simlpky not true ..

You know how to get a paper published in Nature? Offer sexual favors to the editors and peer reviewers. That’s how I did it. Luckily in my case they were all Victoria’s Secret models who slept their way to the top of the periodical heap, which is typical, isn’t it? That toots Marie Curie must have been quite the whore. You sir, wearing the sunglasses and Sammy Hagar tour shirt. Anything to add?

uh, let me help you out, science babe.

an *HOUR LONG* encounter in a stair well has left her confused for 20 years.

it’s called an ‘orgasm’, dearie. and you’ve got blood under your fingernails because you were scratching his back.

Cabo Wabo! Titties and fuckin’ beer, maaan. See how these people love and respect women? It’s enough to make you wanna choke someone.