Caught red-handed playing the racetard

Is Senator Gillibrand a racist? D.C. McAllister at The Federalist asks and answers the question.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand seems to be stereotyping football players according to race and contrary to statistical evidence.

That’s a serious allegation to be leveled, especially at a Democrat from New York. Let’s investigate shall we? This comes down to something the senator said, so let’s hear it.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, she said, “All of the fans, young boys and girls watching this, are watching the NFL say it’s okay to beat your wife. It’s unacceptable…. It’s not just about Roger Goodell and this one player. There are hundreds of players who are beating their wives, committing assault, committing rape across all sports, and we have to hold them all accountable.”

So Gillibrand didn’t say it was “hundreds of minorities who are beating their wives.” She said it was “hundreds of players” – and “across all sports” at that. It’s understandable why she didn’t, because that would have been singling out some over others. The problem isn’t relegated to certain people, or to professionals, or even players of football. Nevertheless as far McAllister is concerned, whatever Gillibrand is saying sounds like a voice-over for “Birth of a Nation.”

Really? Hundreds? How does she know this? She makes it sound as if wife-beating and violence are epidemic in the National Football League.

The senator really was talking about the NFL. This is because… because we say so? And how next will McAllister mind read/embarrass the bigoted Gillibrand? By doing us the great favor of categorizing all National Football League players by race and criminality. Really? Yeah, really.

Blumstein and Benedict found that of the 342 black players in their [NFL] sample, 97 of them, or 28 percent, had an arrest for one of these [many] crimes. There were 77 whites in the sample; seven of them, or 9 percent, had an arrest.

Those numbers appear high until we compare them with arrest numbers for the general population… For the general population, the arrest rate for assault for black men was 6,990 per 100,00, and for whites, 2,209.

The corresponding rate for NFL players, black and white, was less than half the rate for the general population.

Might I say “Yikes”? 25% of black and white players combined had been arrested for committing any of a number of serious crimes, from DUI to rape and domestic violence. But when you narrow the field down to simple assault the numbers do get better (…yay?). That’s when Goodell’s millionaires are only half as bad as your everyday thugs. Feel any better about high-profile wife-beating? I know I do, thanks D.C.. But before we get too upbeat we see the writer now fashioning a burning cross from a demographic…

If the facts don’t back up what feminists like Gillibrand are saying, why do they assume that “hundreds of players are beating women and committing assault”? Could it have anything to do with the fact that 67 percent of NFL players are black?

Brilliant. When the senator tries to criticize domestic violence in sports, which really means professional football, which is more properly the National Football League, which actually is black people, isn’t she being racist? I don’t know any more, what on Earth were we talking about? Oh but wait D.C.’s not done, she’s going to top it all off with this: Is it because Gillibrand knows how bad the blacks are? Oh dear.

Are they drawing that conclusion based on the fact that black youths, who make up 16 percent of the youth population, account for 52 percent of juvenile violent crime arrests? Or that in a city like New York, 83 percent of all gun assailants are black even though they make up only 24 percent of the population?

Thank you so much. For that. And now, the haymaker:

Is Gillibrand assuming that because a majority of NFL players are black they must be criminals?

Or, to the point: “Is Gillibrand making The McAllister Assumption?

Just asking.

That’s right. I’m just asking if the senator has obviously seen certain crime statistics with regards to certain people. If she’s then arguing that a FEW black people – professional football players, in this case – are just as bad as ALL THE OTHER black people – their friends and family, for instance – that would be racism. Ta-daa! How shameful on Gillibrand’s part, if she knew as much. Unlike the saints at The Federalist who clearly know better, with all their statistics.