Lucas Oil for Jesus America: Shut up Black Lady!

The Vice President of a global warming conglomerate that manufactures a thoroughly useless oil product has just now favored the internet, telling the whole world her useless feelings. Jack Benny pose: well. Get your paper and pencils out boys because this is gonna be big, really big.

Charlotte Lucas, the wife of company founder Forrest Lucas, posted a Facebook rant on Friday regarding “minorities.”

Via RTV6 in Indy, Mrs. Lucas said…

charlotte lucas facebook

If you won’t fight back for what is wrong with this country just because someone is a minority what’s the problem with you? You’re white. You rule. Tell everybody what to do! About what, incidentally? And which person, exactly?


I don’t know. Probably somebody big.

The post was deleted, but Lucas confirmed to RTV6 that she had written it.

“I was very upset when I wrote that,” Lucas said. “I will not elaborate other than to say that there are certain people who are trying to make the whole world eat what they want to eat and do what they want to do. I don’t think it’s any of their business what I put in my mouth. Thank you.”

I won’t go any further than to say this person is a big deal minority muslim. And she makes it her business to tell me what to put in my mouth. Okay, you got me, it’s Shecky Green. SHUT UP BITCH.


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