A model of Republican leadership

Meet the latest version of the Great Republican Candidate, Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Doctor ChapsI said “you foul spirit of lesbianism, this woman has renounced you, come out of her in Jesus’ name” and she began to wrestle with that and suddenly her eyes began to bug out and then she began to weep, and weep, and weep as the Holy Spirit forgave her sins.

She was baptized the next day and then she became one of the best evangelists in our church, started carrying around her Bible telling all of her friends about Jesus and she started dating boys.

Dr. Chaps, as he calls himself, is running for Colorado congress in the 15th district.

We can see the demonic spirit of adultery in people like that. And, of course, when we apply this to Madonna, she does much the same thing, right? She’s out there pandering with sexuality, and she does it for money. And she’s out there seducing people to death.

That’s an issue for the new congressman to immediately address. Have ye faith in your Republican party, Coloradans? Then when a public servant of this mental illness caliber comes up for office, cry out: Callooh Callay! Huzzah!

So for example, Julius Genachowski, the outgoing FCC chairman, who works apparently in collusion with President Obama, has not enforced decency standards in even four years…

So there’s perhaps a demonic spirit of tyranny or immorality inside of him…the demonic spirit influences him to abuse and, dare I say, molest and visually rape your children.

[Must we remind? No means no, tyranny demon.] Tell the Party of Lincoln – thank you.

There is a spirit of hiding, a spirit of secrecy…it’s got its roots in a satanic evil spirit of violation, of tyranny really…

Let’s pray: Father in Heaven, we pray against the domestic enemies of the Constitution against this demon of tyranny who is using the White House occupant. And that demonic spirit is oppressing us. Father we command it to leave.

Go on, say it loud…I’m bananas and I’m proud.

The openly homosexual Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced a revised bill to force Christian employers and business owners to hire and promote homosexuals with ZERO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS for Christians who want to opt out…

Democrats like Polis want to bankrupt Christians who refuse to worship and endorse his sodomy. Next he’ll join ISIS in beheading Christians, but not just in Syria, right here in America.

I’m sooo jealous.


2 thoughts A model of Republican leadership

  1. avatar bjkeefe says:

    Pardon me for belaboring the obvious when you had the subtlety not to, but a homophobe who calls himself Dr. Chaps?

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    We’ll just call him Assless from now on.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Like Godzilla had himself a mauve tattoo of ‘Iguana Ballz.’ As if, I mean, really?

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