If it ain’t the one thing, it’s the other

I find Pat Dollard entertaining.

Now why would @BarackObama do that? Why would he terrorize all those children?

He would terrorize the children because he’s black. Ah yes, do go on.

It’s an African psychopath’s punishment and revenge for the humiliations of slavery and colonialism, a general attack for his general hatred of the US, and a desire to make America suffer just like his home continent, kind of like saying “You, America, are no better than Africa.”

Is this true, Rush Limbaugh?

Radio host Rush Limbaugh suggested on Monday that President Barack Obama is refusing to divert flights from Ebola-infected countries and close down America’s borders because he believes that the nation “deserves” to be infected with the virus given its history of perpetuating slavery.

There you have it. It’s absolutely concretely true. Like Mammy’s socks I’ll be darned. Pat?

Obama’s advisors told him that without a flight ban, Ebola was 100% guaranteed to enter the United States. He is terrorizing and infecting the country on purpose.

Wait up there, buddy – that poor man in Dallas just died. YAAAY! We’re 100% Ebola free! A-mer-i-ca! A-mer-i-ca! The Apocalypse, she has been thoroughly Averted, no? Well, nooo.

Heck. Pat wins again.