A idiocy with regard to science approaching depravity


Fat Lesbians Got All the Ebola Dollars, But Blame the GOP
By: Erick Erickson (Diary)

Democrats have rushed out of the gate with an attack ad against Republicans claiming if only we had spent more money, we would be able to solve the Ebola situation.

…Republicans can respond in kind. For example, instead of studying Ebola, the National Institutes of Health were studying the propensity of lesbians to be fat.

I surely believe the government was billions of dollars-wise interested in why lesbians are fat. I’m contented to assume when researchers received their sumptuous grants they dashed right down to the 7-11 to convert their NIH debit cards to cash and press the bounty into the pockets of the local Chicago Bear fans, who otherwise would be spending their time doing each other’s hair or Eskimo kissing, when not shifting from one plump foot to the other in anticipation of government largesse. Abandoned troop transports they were, all. Just so Erick could point out they “Got All the Ebola Dollars.”

And the Centers for Disease Control spent its budget on gun violence studies on order of the President as part of his agenda to curtail the second amendment.

The CDC also spent its money to survey what bus riders thought of HIV videos.

Hey, and let’s not forget all the money the CDC spent to convince people to stop smoking and now we need tobacco to manufacture the drug to fight Ebola. Classic.

Classic. After millions of Americans died of cancer, you bureaucrats unleashed a savage lawyer-ing upon the poor tobacco companies. But now you want to make some of this experimental Ebola drug. From what? Cigarettes! And isn’t it true you’ve been hounding the country to buy fewer guns? To stop the spree killings of children and such? But now you want to go out and spend millions of dollars on rifles. For what? A so-called ‘Army’! The hypocrisy.