You had to go and call us stupid again

Here comes the latest from our pal, the “Finance Editor for Townhall Finance,” John Ransom.

You probably don’t remember this but it was last year when I figured out John was stupid. It wasn’t much of a discovery. I read a screed he titled “Liberals Suck at Math and Eyeballs,” and John afforded a well known leftist his compliment before putting the old man in his place:

Elbert Einstein was the greatest theoretical physicist ever. He had rather childish views about money, economics and politics however.

Try growing up, Elbert. To this day no one from Townhall, least of all John, has seen anything remarkable about this scolding. A few paragraphs later he blasted us for ignoring the documented link between abortion and breast cancer. Which of course is the rankest of bullshit, and I reminded him by e-mail. Do you really think you know more about the science of this than the American Cancer Society? To that he replied:

I’m saying I certainly know more than you do.

Which was an unfortunate error. Never mind that it’s the ACS who know best here, and should be afforded some due respect on the matter. But, in addition, this blogger has actually done some breast cancer research. So I told him. To which he said:

Yeah. What’s really sad is that with all your training as a “scientist” you have to hide behind a lobbying organization like the Society. That, by the way, was my point.

So you might imagine whenever the illuminatus John Ransom starts pointing out someone’s lack of intelligence, I become interested. This time it’s the stupid former constitutional law lecturer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.

First of all, he’s dedicated his whole life to running for office. There has to be a microchip dislodged in anyone’s brain to decide to do that.

Ronald Reagan spent a great many formative years becoming the worst actor of his generation. So let’s dispense with any comparison. The microchip was firmly lodged in his brain. And:

Also, there’s no evidence that we have from his professional body of work that Obama has nothing but average intelligence.

Quite the contrary actually.

…hoo-ee. They don’t rhetoric ’em like they used to. If I gather all this correctly, starting by throwing aside the double negative, John is saying there’s some evidence that Obama has something other than average intelligence. As far as any assessment goes, John thinks the president is an intelligent man. Then, okay, and fine by me.

Now would be the time to offer, speaking for the president, a hearty ‘Thank you John.’ Absolutely, thanks, and Quite The Contrary Actually. Hmm? Remember that bit after ‘You’re stupid’? John has come immediately to the opposite conclusion as well, as in I MEANT TO LOOK SUPERIOR BY A PHRASE WITH CONTRARY. So bold. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anybody try to hammer home an insult by saying ‘But now the opposite.’ For example: You’re some kind of asshole…quite the contrary actually. Or, with emphasis: No one I know has ever seen a goat-blowing yokel like you, quite the contrary, actually! It lacks a certain, mmm, focus.

But wouldn’t you know it? There’s even more. Beside the genius of all that, there is this:

Uniquely in American history, Obama was given the opportunity to help heal centuries of racial division as the first black president…

Obama squandered his opportunity. He chose poorly. And why?

Why couldn’t he bring all the races together? Why couldn’t he have saved the life of Michael Brown? Why is there still a Ku Klux Klan? John is here to tell you.

Because Obama is enthralled by the most outdated and discredited economic theories- ever. And because he couldn’t openly argue for them, he tried to impose them by fiat on the rest of us.

There has never been a time in history when socialism has been more discredited than it is today.

Because socialism.

If the economic history of the last twenty-five years has shown us anything, it’s that confiscating wealth to try to build a utopian dream is not just foolhardly, but the first step in a path of destruction that will kill young and old alike…

Of course he’s an idiot.

Let me add this and mercifully end the post: In the Republican Party, you will find exactly one Jewish person currently serving in Congress. And he just got primaried out of his own race. He’s gone. There is in addition exactly one black man, who, being from South Carolina, has about a zero chance of holding his seat. Going back to 1900, since the William McKinley administration, the Republicans have tallied a grand total of five black members of Congress. FIVE.

It takes Halley’s comet 76 years to circle our solar system, it takes the GOP about one-third that time to elect an African-American to Congress. If American history holds true, you’ll see the next black Republican representative about five Summer Olympics down the road. And in the South? In Florida for example, when will we see the next Allen West? Before him, the Sunshine State elected Josiah T. Walls in 1871. So buck up America, only 137 years to go. None of this has anything to do with socialism.


3 thoughts You had to go and call us stupid again

  1. avatar SAm says:

    “If the economic history of the last twenty-five years has shown us anything, it’s that confiscating wealth to try to build a utopian dream is not just foolhardly, but the first step in a path of destruction that will kill young and old alike…”

    This has been going on for twenty five years? How did I miss that?

    I may need to think about rehab, because I totally didn’t notice.

  2. avatar SAm says:

    Did Obama impose a 3 day work week by fiat during this tsunami of socialism? Cuz if he did, they never informed Oklahoma. (Currently trending non-utopic)


  3. avatar toma says:

    If anything, aren’t we all working harder for less money? I know I am, compared to two decades ago. I guess the socialist tsunami never got as far as Venice, California…

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