Historic moments in investigative journalism

Breitbart with the Big Scoop:

loretta lynch clinton crony

A Clinton crony! You thought you could just sneak her past us, but we did our homework. We’re all, like, investimagative journalizm bitchez.

New York federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch, the new nominee for attorney general, has a career filled with high profile cases — and she was a member of Bill Clinton’s defense team during the 1992 Whitewater corruption probe.

WHITEWATER. [sirens! alarums!]

Indeed, the prosecutor has a long career built of some high profile cases but there is one case Lynch was involved in that few are talking about. Lynch was a part of Bill Clinton’s Whitewater probe defense team in 1992.

Few were talking about it at the time, and that’s when we knew. You reek Lynch Lady. You’re done for, you’re outta here, start packing your bags.

The probe was widened to look into the failure of the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan to which it was connected. Eventually the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission won several convictions handing jail time to the McDougals as well as Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker.

The Clintons escaped any convictions in the probe.

Maybe Bill got off scot-free, but you won’t Madame. We’re all over your double-dealing back-handed soft-shoe…huh? What’s that? Oh, well then, I see. I suppose we’ll have to pin a note to the tail of our bombshell post. You know, just to be fair.

Correction: The Loretta Lynch identified earlier as the Whitewater attorney was, in fact, a different attorney.

Okay she was…a different attorney. Well almost, but not quite: She was…in fact, a different attorney. Got that? Serves us right to get into it with rocket scientists. Me: She was, in rough terms, and in Etruscan mythology, a different attorney. Breitbart: You idiot! She was, in fact, a different attorney. Well don’t I feel silly.