How to hate Stephen Colbert without really trying

An American satirist bids goodbye to his TV show. This occasions Assrocket to give you the long view.

I have never seen Stephen Colbert’s show on Comedy Central, but I take it that it consists of an endless series of anti-Republican “jokes.”

Not that never-seeing his act will get in the way.

If asked, would Colbert admit to being a loyal Democratic Party foot soldier, or would he claim to be a stubbornly independent sort who socks it to both sides? I don’t know, but the Democrats aren’t in any doubt. Yesterday the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent this email to the party faithful;

thanks stephen

That was followed by a link to an official Democratic Party web page called “Thank You Stephen Colbert!”

Well there’s nothing more to say now, comrades. The jig is up. Everybody turn in your decoder rings.

…I guess the Democrats have known all along that Colbert’s show was an hour-long commercial for their party and its candidates.

The point being, I take it, that American entertainers should remain neutral. It would have been fair play for Stephen to get hired for, say, a sitcom and ply his trade in grand service to Broad Comedy. Jim Nabors was one hell of a talent for example (ever seen him sing? *whistle*).

It’s however altogether different when you’re only stooping to take part in a media conspiracy. Any liberal with a Hotmail account can just e-mail Howard Dean and get set up with a cable show. And when the Hollywood manipulators are of Clinton-quality, of course you can rack up a few seasons. Maybe even nine years – so what? It’s the sort of thing that should probably be a crime.

I am not in favor of restricting anyone’s right to free speech, but if federal law is going to bar a businessman from contributing enough to buy more than a minimal amount of television time on behalf of his party or his candidates, why shouldn’t Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central be prohibited from airing millions of dollars worth of pro-Democratic Party propaganda?

And we’ve seen this before. How much cash did the Johnson administration funnel into Columbia Records? How many Bob Dylan records did they buy before the whole ruse was exposed?


3 thoughts How to hate Stephen Colbert without really trying

  1. avatar bjkeefe says:

    “… Colbert’s show was an hour-long commercial …”

    Shit. How’d I keep missing those extra thirty minutes, night after night?

  2. avatar toma says:

    Maybe it helps to see the show? Once?

  3. avatar bjkeefe says:

    That’s what makes being a rightwing opionator such a great gig, right? No need to gather data before making pronouncements.

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