This too is also bad

It looks as if Our World is coming apart.

2 nypd shot 1

It’s becoming senseless. And violent.

2 nypd shot 2

Turning into a nightmare.

2 nypd shot 4

Like a Balkan war. I’m not sure we can go on living like this. Can’t we go back to the way it used to be?

Your police force cannot wrongly shoot you.

It just doesn’t happen. Well, deadly police shootings do happen in Houston at an average of one every three weeks. But none of them is inappropriate. Every shooting by a Houston Police Department officer is investigated by HPD’s Internal Affairs and Homicide divisions. Between 2007 and 2012, according to HPD records, officers killed citizens in 109 shootings. Every killing was ruled justified.

The 112 instances of an officer shooting and injuring a person were justified, too.

So were the 104 times an officer wounded an animal, and the 225 times an officer killed an animal.

…where we didn’t have to wonder about street justice? Or neighborhood vigilantes? Remember the days when we never questioned what the hell the cops were doing, and why? *cough*