And now the Amazing Kreskin will invade, shortly

Politico does some hot dishing about a certain celebrity:

As Mitt Romney’s supporters push the idea that the 2012 Republican nominee might run for president again, one of their core talking points is that Romney was a foreign policy prophet in the last campaign.

He took on John Bolton as his principle foreign policy adviser. And millions of people have since been slaughtered for any number of reasons around the world, so that was certainly of a piece.

His vindication on several scores, they argue, gives him a rationale to run again — and a leg up on his potential Republican rivals.

Willard’s vindication stemming from his vomiting the usual bilious corn-bedazzled oleo of right-wing paranoia and violence for its own sake, thank you. But seeing as how this is Politico, we are at least provided an a la carte menu of his 2012 global psychic masterstrokes. Witness how he – and only he – somehow knew the knowing of the ultimate if only somehow it could be somehow known. Take note of how he did see the seeing of the cryptically impenetrable unpossible never reasonably to be seen:

He saw Vladimir Putin as a threat to peace.

But not the president. He never saw that, golly no.

He insisted that radical Islam was spreading.

Obama? He assured us that radical Islam had just breathed its last rasping breath and expired underneath the crackling hot lights of the dance floor, much like the Lambada.

He warned that Iraq was at risk without American troops to stabilize it.

I remember the president somewhat having a handle on this one. But when Iraq no longer wants you around, and your own country has grown tired of kickin’ it in a slaughterhouse – a soul- and self-grinding enterprise, truly – what are you gonna do? Call in an airstrike on Bush and Cheney’s Status of Forces agreement?

C’mon, but seriously now. Let’s not quibble, let’s get to the point. Who knew the What? And the When? Because the point to be made here is that there’s a critical difference between the winner in 2012 and the loser, and that difference is…waaait for it…

…And he was right.

Mitt was right. That’s the key point, and there’s nothing more to be said. Of course if we’d elected him president, the way that Politico seems to think he deserved to be, thousands more Americans would have by now died in Iraq, in Syria, and in the Crimea. And, praise be gracious thanks to John Bolton, nice job their walrus snoot, we’d currently have a couple hundred thousand soldiers crawling on their bellies toward the bright and fiery lights of Tehran. What in the world were we thinking…