Forty is the new curmudgeon

In utterly inconsequential news…

Former Saturday Night Live cast member and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo star Rob Schneider left an angry message on a California lawmaker’s voice mail this week saying that he would do everything in his power to unseat her in the next election.

They say you dance with the devil when you’ve got Rob Schneider on the phone.

Gonzalez said on Facebook earlier this week, “(W)e received a phone call from Rob Schneider today where he threatened my staff that he would spend a lot of money against me because of my co-authorship of a bill to increase vaccine rates.”

Poking needles into the defenseless flesh of children is a crime against humanity, as much so as any feature film in which Rob Schneider plays a part.

She continued, “…that is 20 mins of my life I’ll never get back arguing that vaccines don’t cause autism with Deuce Bigalow, male gigolo.”

Think of that Saturday Night Live cast from around 1990. And then wonder: Where did it all go wrong? Was it something in the cocaine? There’s Schneider of course, but then there’s Dennis Miller.

Yesterday recalcitrant old man Dick Cheney went on Dennis Miller’s radio show, which evidently exists. Miller, in a fit of giggles, thanks Cheney for “almost kicking Patrick Leahy’s ass. I love that move.” It’s “one of my favorite stories,” he gushed, referring to a 2004 incident in which Cheney yelled at Senator Leahy (D-VT) for the latter’s “criticism of the vice president for Halliburton’s alleged war profiteering,” according to CNN.

And Jon Lovitz.

SNL alum on Obama: ‘What a f**king asshole’

…“First they say … ‘You can do anything you want. Go for it.’ So then you go for it, and then you make it, and everyone’s like, ‘Fuck you,’” Lovitz said. “[Obama] is the perfect example. He’s amazing. He had nothing … and the guy ends up being at Harvard. He’s the president of the United States. And now he’s like, ‘Fuck me and everybody who made it like me.’”

And then Victoria Jackson, who ended up a far cry from the sophisticate she portrayed so convincingly in those skits.

“He released terrorists from Gitmo, that our sons and daughters died to capture. Am I dreaming? His Cabinet is made up of Muslim Brotherhood people…”

So we wish you all well, Saturday Night Live. Happy fortieth birthday assholes. Fox News has itself one helluva high-profile farm team.

ADD: I forgot…

And best of all, Adam Sandler is a registered Republican who has made numerous donations to Republican candidates. In 2008 he donated $2100 to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 failed Republican Presidential primary campaign.

In 2004 Sandler proved his Hollywood Republican credentials by performing at the Republican National Convention in New York.

That’s about half of the cast. Who’s left, David Spade?


2 thoughts Forty is the new curmudgeon

  1. I’m confused why these SNL allumni turned into Right-Wing wackos. But, what’s especially So Hypocritically Republican is how normally Conservatives demand Actors and Comedians shut up… Unless they spew forth hot right-wing garbage because then they are given radio shows and air-time on Faux News.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Funny thing about that. Our right-wingers are forever calling out Hollywood as losers and wimps, but they couldn’t be more covetous of the influence the losers have over popular culture (something Roy Edroso does a good job pointing out). So they may be dismissive of the actors and clowns, but they really wish that Mark Levin were seen the same way that George Clooney is. As I said, which is funny.

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