Todd Kincannon’s Family Values

Like, a terrible shock.

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Really. Of all the people, hooda thunk that Todd Kincannon would beat his wife?

Ashely continued to tell me after leaving the work function, James [nomme de wingnutte: James John Todd Kincannon] began screaming at Ashely while they drove in their car. Ashely told James to let her out of their car to which he refused. Ashely proceeded to roll down the window and scream for James to let her out, hoping a bystander would call 9-1-1.

Yeah, that’s probably not going to stop him.

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Ashley continued to tell me she called her mother for help and attempted to call 9-1-1 with an open line in order for the dispatcher to hear James. While driving, James saw a police vehicle and ‘freaked out.’ James threatened he would drive the car into a concrete barrier if the cops became involved. In addition, James also threatened to kill himself if Ashely left.

Threatened to kill the Toddster? Get in line, pal. Oh NO I mean, uhh, dear me…

Ashely continued to tell me James has made several threats in the past to kill himself, her, and her family. Furthermore, Ashely said she has past incidents of domestic violence and threats of homicide/suicide recorded. I saw no visible injuries to Ashely, she provided me with a written statement, and was issued a victim’s pamphlet. It should be noted Ashely was trembling as she wrote her statement.

Todd’s poor wife [nomme de Stepford: Ashely Suzanne Griffith Kincannon. Quote: ‘Wife. Christian. South Carolinian.’ BOOM.] also mentioned this: “…they ‘have a history of unreported domestic violence.’ She said she was ‘extremely fearful’ of Kincannon and described him as being ‘extremely traditional’ and controlling…” Just the BIGGEST of surprises, huh?

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But The Toddinator had a perfectly good explanation:

I was diagnosed … with an allergic reaction to Benzonatate. Apparently a very small percentage of people go absolutely nuts when they take the stuff, and I’m apparently in that very small percentage.

Thoroughly plausible. He’s a criminal misogynist and creep because of some cough suppressant.