Todd Kincannon’s Family Values Sext Penis

Now that we know South Carolina Republican badass Todd Kincannon is more than a spineless troll who only threatens women on Twitter, or merely says he wants to cornhole their sisters, or offhandedly anoints them with nicknames like ‘Crabby Cunt’, now that we know he beats his wife scary silly and then promises to kill her – and kill himself – if she speaks a word of his criminal desperation to anyone, it’s probably a good time to tell you that the Toddster has long been in the habit of sending those same women pictures of his penis.

wife beaters dick

You can see that Todd is one cracking top-notch lawyer. Anyone who could draw up such a court-worthy digital filth agreement would have to be, right? Friends, if you simply cannot help yourself and must witness Todd’s POV dong, feel free to click on the image. You will be whisked away to conservablog ‘The Trenches’, where they will have the full sexting story.

kincannon send me nudes dammit

Otherwise may it suffice to say that Todd’s fragile world is ruled by nameless women who refuse to take their clothes off, which is why they’re worthy of his abuse.