Bruce Jenner gets some jerklove

Jamie Foxx makes fun of Bruce Jenner.

“(He) will be here doing a his and hers duet by himself,” Foxx told the audience with a photo of the reality star dad up behind him.

“I’m just busting your balls while I still can,” he added.

Some people thought the jokes were cheap shots. The guy’s life is already hard enough, you know? National Review dragged the PC Hitlers to the woodshed:

No, Making a Joke About a Transgender Person Is Not the Same as ‘Transphobia’

…Comedy is not supposed to be a “safe space.” That’s what’s so special about it. The implicit permission to offend is what distinguishes it from other forms of communication and makes it a unique part of our cultural dialogue that we can’t afford to lose.

If someone like Jamie Foxx can’t make crass jokes about transgenders I’m afraid that America is lost. We will have been rendered a nation of soulless machines. A Borgian dystopia. A liberal hellhole ruled by the living death of political correctness. Is that what you want, Stalin? OK then.

Yesterday Jenner was interviewed by Diane Sawyer:

When asked about Barack Obama addressing LGBT rights in his State of the Union, the 65-year-old former Olympic athlete said that didn’t affect him much.

“I’ve always been more on the conservative side,” Jenner said…

Jenner said he is a Christian as well.

A Jamie Foxx impersonator kidded:

The Biz Pac Review bellowed:

‘Tolerant’ left turns back on Bruce Jenner when he comes out – as a transgender REPUBLICAN

A bleeding heart at The Blaze bleated:

Bruce Jenner Blasted Online After Coming Out As a Republican: ‘Personally, I Am Disgusted’

A Dhimmocrat at the Daily Caller cried aloud:

Liberal monsters

It’s as if the wingnuts were somehow fond of Bruce. If they can only get her to start slagging the president’s balls, she could be their RuPalin.