The National Review is racist? Whut?

Kevin Williamson’s a racist. Here he goes again: “Inequality warriors vs. the family and the individual.” He warns us that when a french-fry drudge at McDonalds gets a 25-cent raise our children and our exceptionalism suffer.

The enduring nature of economic inequality may be a political blessing for progressives — it provides a perennial source of discontent…

…but let’s talk some pissy politics first. Kevin says the enduring nature of poverty ‘may be a blessing for progressives.’ The enduring nature of murder, rape and child molestation would have to be blessings too, right? Heck if you’re going to be all shouty-angry and want to ruin Kevin Williamson’s breakfast you should probably have a reason.

…but it is a problem, too, for one very important but under-appreciated reason: The main sources of economic inequality are not matters of public policy. They are instead rooted in the individual — including in the physical facts of the individual — and in the family, both of which have traditionally been considered outside of the public sphere.

The physical facts of the individual – Uncle Fester! Get out yer Grand Dragon Handbook, check the glossary. Tugging at his ill-fitted lab coat, fussing with his coke bottle glasses, Williamson pipes up and assures us that inner-city criminality, weekend promiscuity and the scourge of dark bodily humours are all matters of one’s birth. Klap klap. If you happen to be born with a cleft palate he would really rather you just pick up and move out of his neighborhood. Or, better yet, for him, die. C’mon – everybody knows that people don’t grow up poor, or end up depressed, or become beaten down by life. Those people, yaah zey are BOARN zat veigh. HA, prost! Gott in Himmel, chit choo sink I vaas no fun? Tsilly, tsilly.

The implicit conclusion of the work done by Charles Murray and others on the relationship between hereditary intelligence and socio-economic outcomes makes our elites uncomfortable…if intelligence is mainly hereditary, then being really smart is no more a personal accomplishment than being really tall or being really pretty…

Charles Murray? Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!

Affirmative action has been one way of refusing to deal with that reality.

Colored people are stupid and that’s science, but that’s not what science says. You can’t handle the truth, but that’s not what the truth says. And Kevin thinks everybody other than him has some sort of defect.