Greetings from Stone Mountain…

Funny thing about Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Kenneth Parcell is a perpetually cheerful NBC page…who hails from Stone Mountain, Georgia (a reference to the hometown of 30 Rock writer Donald Glover, who also hails from Stone Mountain), where his father was a pig farmer.

A less funny thing about it:

The second Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1915 by William Joseph Simmons at Stone Mountain, outside Atlanta, with fifteen “charter members”. Its growth was based on a new anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, prohibitionist and antisemitic agenda, which developed in response to contemporary social tensions.

You’d think white folks there would want to avoid acting like jerks lest we assume they’re pig-farming rubes or card-carrying Klansmen. But no.

In the past students have alleged that the school, and it’s founder Nancy Gordeuk hold disparaging views towards people of color, and at yesterday’s graduation ceremony they unexpectedly received validation.

…Gordeuk accidentally ended the ceremony without allowing the valedictorian to make their speech. When she became aware of her mistake, she asked all the graduating seniors to come back inside the hall for the final speech…

That’s when a frustrated Gordeuk took to the mic and announced:

“You people are being so rude, to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Look who’s leaving… all the black people!”

At that point the crowd erupted in anger and everyone started to leave.

You’d think a professional educator would want to come up with a proper apology lest we think she’s an illiterate weasel. But no.

The facts are the rude booing from my perspective facing the audience condoning the actions of this man, are coming from the younger people in the audience. What if ten or twenty persons came and started videotaping the audience in the middle of a speech. Is that disrespect to the person trying to make his speech?…

I take a personal interest in the success of every student that comes through our doors without regard to their race, religion or ethnicity. My main concern for each is to provide them with an education and high school diploma to be able to continue on the pathway toward adulthood to become a successful member of society.

You’d think a racist’s son would want to shut the hell up before he goes and makes everything a whole lot worse.

If anyone has somthing to say about my mom and how she ran her graduation come say it to my face… Yall niggas ain’t talkin about shit so if u got something to say come see me face to face.

But no.