Whatever you say, Toots

The New York Post suggests to us something strange and surprising yet oddly liberating. To wit: Never mind what they tell you, women don’t really like modern life. The remarkable truth is your lady friends would rather go back to the days when they were something like domesticated pets.

Critics have consistently lauded [Mad Men], not just for its entertainment value but also for exposing the dark underbelly of a prosperous, conservative era. Yet I can’t help but wonder if in some ways life wasn’t easier back then — especially for single, marriage-minded women.

Hang on, Heather will get to it. There’s a massive multi-modal Kinsey-esque effort to be divulged here, with hundreds of thousands of women queried over millions of hours in research facilities…

New York City career women in their 30s and 40s told me this week that in some ways life seemed easier back then for single women, and love was easier to find during our mothers’ day than it is now.

Or, perhaps. Heather just talked to two of her friends.

“It’s like we’ve become this commodity where men can pick out what they want whenever they want,” said Alicia, 37, who works in advertising and lives downtown.

Says Ellie, 42, a student on Manhattan’s East Side who used to work in publishing, “Technology is supposed to bring people closer, but especially in the context of dating it pushes people further apart. It used to be a guy had to call and leave a message and you called him back and you made a date.”

And there’s your data set. Taking Ellie into account (and Alicia too – don’t forget her) we calculate the p-level for “Today’s males are MEN” to be, hmmm, less than 5%. This is some good news for Match.com.

…online dating sites and “hookup culture” — or decreased stigma around no-strings-attached sex between strangers — means that immature men’s playground is no longer just the halls of their office buildings. It’s the entire city.

So the Big Apple has become a sexual kindergarten. You and your pals would prefer to cell-phone or text women whenever you please (or not at all), and Will Geer wants to punch you in the face. Confronted with the chivalry of Don Draper, modern ‘man’ is sorrowfully exposed.