The GoodFellas…in your pants

Someone has got the Smokin’ Gay Man Love for a Scorsese film.

“GoodFellas”…takes place in a world guys dream about.

…in a world where every man carries around an ice pick. In case you need to, you know, slam it into your buddy’s head for some reason. It’s some sort of fantasy land, like Game of Thrones.

To a woman, the “GoodFellas” are lowlifes. To guys, they’re hilarious, they’re heroes.

A George W. Bush fan thinks these pig-idiots are heroic? I’ll be.

…Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), Jimmy the Gent (Robert De Niro) and Tommy (Joe Pesci) are exactly what guys want to be: lazy but powerful, deadly but funny, tough, unsentimental and devoted above all to their brothers — a small group of guys who will always have your back. Women sense that they are irrelevant to this fantasy, and it bothers them.

It’s more likely that women get that this is your idea of manhood and you aren’t very manly. You aren’t particularly comfortable doing what other men would normally do: Work or fuck. You’d rather hang out with other do-nothings and do…no things. Maybe naked, Kyle? More power to you pal.

The wiseguys never have to work (the three friends never exert themselves except occasionally to do something fun, like steal a tractor-trailer truck), which frees them up to spend the days and nights doing what guys love above all else: sitting around with the gang, busting each other’s balls.

There we have it. The reason Kyle loves GoodFellas so much –> balls.

Ball-busting means…ball-busting because…had no balls….endlessly bust each other’s balls…of ball-busting etiquette… returning the ball-busting…breaks ball-busting etiquette…breaking Tommy’s balls…for improper ball-busting…based on ball-busting…successfully broken Henry’s balls…

…h@@ b@y. You should just come out already and say it Kyle: Dominate me DeNiro! I will wash them! I will shave them! Little wingnut.