Burn the fucking thing

Anyone who would defend the Confederate flag is a clever monkey.

I have tried — and failed — to write about Confederate symbols previously. It’s not a straightforward topic, whatever Vox may say. But in the wake of today’s events, a thought on the subject is in order.

We make the Trump face and we send out a sonorous ooh-ooh to National Review’s Ian Tuttle. And how do we explain non-sequitur to our thick friend? It won’t be easy, despite whatever Jane Goodall may say.

Making the rounds on the Internet currently is a photograph of the Charleston shooter leaning against his vehicle, which has a “Confederate States of America” logo where the front license plate should be:

But with respect to Ms. Kendall, this hateful man’s use of a slogan is no proof that the slogan itself is hateful.

Here would be a slogan: Cats ask for it by name. Here would be a slave institution: The Confederate States of America. As regards it, I can be found lingering among the millions who believe that slavery is hateful.



4 thoughts Burn the fucking thing

  1. avatar bjkeefe says:

    Man, if that GIF doesn’t say it all about what Republican candidates think they have to do …

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    If you could only photoshop the words “Republican candidates” on the right monkey, and “NRA” on the left.

  3. avatar SAm says:

    That was me.. Didn’t mean to be anonymous.

  4. avatar toma says:

    If I see one Republican feasting upon the mites and fleas of another I’m fairly certain it’s the least dangerous activity they’ll entertain today. I’m not at all moved to point it out.

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