Gay marriage going to destroy us all and told ya so

If, after yesterday’s gay marriage ruling, you thought the Flying Monkeys of Value would quietly assemble outside the Supreme Court and serenade it with a rendition of “Amber is the Color of Your Energy”, you would be wrong.

1.) “This is the most monumental ruling of any court, by any nation in the history of the world,” Gallups said….

“These are the beginnings of the very last days”…

2.) “If ever a time the phrase ‘Now the end begins’ meant something, it is now.”

“…the Supreme Court of the United States has just declared that reality and biology no longer exist…”

3.) “June 26, 2015: the day the twin towers of truth and righteousness were blown up by moral jihadists”…

“With the DOMA decision, we have ceased to be a constitutional republic. The words “We the People” are now meaningless”…

“June 26, 2015: I saw Satan dancing with delight, the day the music died in the United States of America.”

4.) “I think there’s an attempt to destroy the institution of marriage and I think it will cause, literally cause the destruction of our country”…

5.) “Society itself is at risk and cannot continue.”

If this is how they handle a setback at the Supreme Court I can only imagine how they’d act in an actual emergency. If they weren’t currently merely being kicked in their Old Testament Teeth, but in real life.

Let’s say World War II were to break out tomorrow – what would the God-botherers do? Well the handful who didn’t suffer a disabling bowel evacuation, disappear between the pews, or suddenly begin to dress in exotic fashion, with delightful bamboo accents borrowed obviously from the bowler-topped Imperial style, would be asked to join the Army. Begged to join the Army. And the sturdy one or three who actually managed to crawl on their bellies, drooling and quivering, as far as the recruiting station would end up becoming soldiers. You can bet those Christ-huggers would only spend every bit of their valuable wartime haunting the barracks to make sure you weren’t keeping any pinups of Bobby Grable over your bunk. Semper Fi, precious.


2 thoughts Gay marriage going to destroy us all and told ya so

  1. avatar SAm says:

    If you’re wondering what people who don’t think are thinking, here’s a quote from the Tulsa World comments section about it:

    “If I were a liberal, I would be celebrating the fact that our nation just made Christian belief unconstitutional too. It’s a big win for them. The next obvious step for them, will be to systematically eradicate Christian belief altogether from this country. The road is now paved for them…

    As a sinful, greedy, materialistic, selfish nation, we deserve every bit of it…. ”

    Good to see they’re taking it so well. But, surprisingly, this seems to be a minority position. Of course, our values-oriented Governor, Mary Fallin, brought her wisdom to the matter — it isn’t the federal gov’t’s job to decide who loves who — that responsibility belongs to the individual states.

    Also, freedom of speech means you get to decide what words and symbols mean, and no one can make fun of you for it.

    So there.

  2. avatar toma says:

    They will never understand the mote-size difference between ‘catcalls’ and ‘oppression.’ Stalin famously was handy with a cutting remark, ergo genocide. It’s no wonder they won’t do stand-up comedy, it’s apparently one of the underpinnings of Mussolini’s Third Reich.

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