The Dukes of Chas R. Dundergob, esq.

This defense of our sacred cultural relics (from yet another of the Empire ponces at National Review) seems a bit…odd. Charles says here: “Repainting the General Lee Won’t Erase What It Symbolizes from History.” Like we would ever do that to the Scooby Wagon.

ESPN reports:

…Bubba Watson on Friday elaborated on the rationale behind his decision to paint an American flag over the Confederate battle flag on the General Lee, the 1969 Dodge Charger featured in “The Dukes of Hazzard.”…

It is time, Watson said with a note of panic in his voice, to “remove [the Confederate flag], hide it, whatever you want to call it. And make sure nobody is offended by it.”

Okay now everybody start with the making of British noises. Chuff! Gillypuds! Eelbacon!

Thus was an admirable attempt to rid Southern governments of insidious and inappropriate symbolism confirmed to have spun dangerously out of control.

Bubble and squeak! Okay, now somebody go warn the KITT car.

There is a clear and necessary answer to Watson’s rather naïve inquiry, “Why not the American flag?” That answer: Because the General Lee is a piece of America’s cultural history, and civilized people do not vandalize their antiques.

What we Americans do with a motorized prop from a 70s shitshow is hardly your business your eminence, Charles C.W. Cooke, MBE DIAF. And if obliterating the car’s Southern Swastika will make any of our neighbors a little less pained in its presence we should do it. Because our country isn’t like yours. We’re not a privy club whose members have for centuries spent their evenings sitting in coach chairs and marveling at the heads mounted on the walls.