New Republic reveals the teenage concubines of Bernie Sanders

The liberal New Republic digs deep, deep, and delivers us the sort of ballsy investigative reporting one would otherwise expect of Washington Post-like operatives Woodward and Bernstein. The exposé:

Bernie and little boys

Just who are these poor young men? Why are they being kept in the shadows? What sorts of dastardly things are they being forced to do in those archives? Not sure about you, but I don’t think I trust this ‘Bernie’ fellow any more.

These men work for Sanders’s presidential campaign, the headquarters of which is a stone’s throw away, and they have been tasked with digitizing the entire archive—a gargantuan effort that left the librarians flummoxed when staffers announced their plans last week. It’s a vast trove of some 30 boxes of documents chronicling Sanders’s eight-year mayoralty of Burlington and other early political activities.

A 30-box trove of old papers? At the University of Vermont? Oh, I see. Bernie is the former mayor of Burlington – not a child molester. It’s weird how those two things get so easily mixed up, you know?