Little Ben Shapiro files charges against the big bad trangender lady

Apparently going on CNN and taunting a transgender woman by calling her ‘Sir’ is pretty awesome. Until she’s had quite enough and tells you to STFU, and then clearly some sort of crime has been committed.

On a panel discussion over Bruce Jenner’s receipt of ESPN’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award, [Zoey] Tur grabbed Shapiro’s neck and growled, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” Shapiro later alleged that Tur had threatened him after the appearance, “I’ll see you in the parking lot,” and that CNN security had escorted Shapiro to his car after ensuring Tur had left the premises.

That would be the play-by-play from Shapiro’s own Breitbart grotto. So feel free to replace Tur’s growling with ‘speaking to Ben much like other transgender females might but not like Broderick Crawford’, and the neck-grabbing with ‘laying a hand on Ben’s Kleenex-tissue back to chide him.’ We’re pretty sure the part about Ben crawling between the legs of studio security and then leaving the parking lot in a cloud of smoke and screeching tires is accurate. I’d say it’s likely in this case that Ben got his almighty butt hurt after being seriously rattled in front of a nationwide CNN audience by someone he disdained as effeminate and disgusting, then hearing the sorrow in her voice after having figured him out so quickly:

“You’re consumed with hatred. You’re a little man, a little boy.”

Of course Ben, seeing a television p.r. disaster in the offing, what with him looking frightened of a lady who’s probably on more estrogen than a 300-pound Octomom, immediately sought to dispel any impulse from the Todd Kincannon/Gateway Pundit peanut gallery to laugh and point at him by filing a vigorous battery report with the Los Angeles Police Department. Which reads:

“Susp & vict became involved in verbal argument over TG issues…susp became angry and…grabbed victim’s neck stating ‘cut that out or you will go home in an ambulance.'”

Signed: Benjamin Shapiro, thunderbro.

As for me, I will not be doing any pointing or laughing. Because I’m pretty sure Zoey could have kicked the living crap out of the little man had she been in the mood. It’s likely Ben only realized how close he came to serious embarrassment, in the form of real physical harm, some time after the incident was over. He probably thought a criminal complaint was wholly warranted right after he logged online and looked up who the hell this Zoey person was, and what she’d been doing all her life:

In 1988, Tur was credited by the Los Angeles Times with saving the lives of 54 people during a freak southern California storm in January of ’88.[12] Tur piloted a AS-350B Eurocopter helicopter through 60 knot winds, at night, to airlift stranded tourists from 22 foot seas that pounded apart their hotel, the Portofino Inn. Timing the interval of the waves, Tur and Byron Alperstein, the camera operator, made a dozen near zero visibility takeoffs and landings without losing a single victim.


In August 2006, Tur was cited by Israeli medics for saving the life of an IDF soldier during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict[15]During a Katyusha rocket attack, Tur’s television news crew found a 19 year-old soldier trapped in his crushed automobile. With the soldier unconscious, and not breathing, Tur, who had been shooting a documentary for an American satellite news operation, performed an emergency tracheotomy, intubating the man and restoring his breathing.

Oh, how it must sting. Being thoroughly outclassed by a dudechick.