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I’m not holding out for my Dodgers to do anything in October.

Paper tigers.

They’ve lost 7 of their last 9. They’ve given up 50 runs in those games. Now they’re going to San Francisco to face the Giants, where they’re 0 and 6 this year.

They’re a terrible road team. The Tampa Bay Rays are in last place in the AL East, and the Detroit Tigers are last in the AL Central. Both have better road records than the Dodgers.

They’re terrible against good teams. They’re 2 and 5 against the Cardinals, 1 and 5 against the Pirates, 6 and 9 against the Giants, 1 and 3 against the Rangers and 0 and 3 against the Astros.

They have two consistent hitters – Ethier and Gonzales. Gonzales is hitting .247 since the all-star break. Everybody else is spotty or injured, or both. Your starting catcher and starting center fielder are hitting well below .200 since the all-star break. In their last 10 games, the two have combined for a grand total of 5 hits. Pederson is hitting .094 and Grandal is hitting .071.

They have two consistent pitchers. Outside of that, they have one reliever who is effective – Jansen. And he’s not nearly as good as he was two years ago, when he could throw 95 or 96 mph. Now he barely hits 91. Brett Anderson was supposed to be your third starter, but he’s 0 and 2 in his last two starts with an ERA of 11.42. Alex Wood gave up 8 runs in his last start, for an ERA of 13.50. Mike Bolsinger has lasted 4 innings in his last three starts and given up 14 runs.

I should also mention that Kershaw isn’t very good when he gets to the playoffs. His lifetime record in the postseason is 1 and 5, with an ERA of 5.12. Might as well stock up on beer my man because it’s going to be a bad post-season…