Enough of your deadly gun-free zone bullsh*t

It must leave some of these patriots quite giddy when yet another angry loser (right-winger) buys himself a Bushmaster .223 then shoots the hell out of a lot of unsuspecting students, women and children. I mean, how better to demonstrate the futility of gun-free zones? When better than after having America done up in a fresh coat of blood to argue that having more guns is the only way to prevent shootings?

Former US Marshal: Oregon Gunman Chose ‘Gun Free Facility’ with Umpqua Community College

During an October 1 appearance on CNN’s Newroom, former US Marshal Art Roderick said the gunman at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College probably chose his target by knowing it was as gun free-zone and therefore “an easy target.”

Roderick’s exact words: “[The gunman] probably knew that the facility was a gun free facility, [which is] an easy target for these kinds of coward individuals. They know they’re not going to get any response unless they happen to run into security or a campus police officer.”

Here’s our old Le▪Gal In▪sur▪rec▪tion pal [stock quote: arrghh!] William Jacobson:

Time to talk about gun free zones
Lone gunmen have a fondness for places where victims won’t shoot back

A lone gunman went on a shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, on Thursday morning. Immediately after news broke, an all too familiar political dance started. Without knowing anything about the shooter, how the gun was obtained or any of the facts other than vague reports, pro- and anti-gun control advocates took their standard positions.

Do yourself a favor here and pick up that ‘Without knowing any of the facts’ bit that Bill just threw on the ground. Put it in your backpack for safekeeping. We’re going to pull it out later and look at it in the daylight.

In other mass shootings, the shooters’ motivations have varied, from racism to religion to anti-religion. There has not been a single common theme, except for one.

In almost all mass shooting situations, particularly at schools, the common theme is a gun-free zone, with the shooter being the only one armed person in the building for minutes or longer.

Let’s not forget that the Arm America folks believe Fort Hood was a gun-free zone. This was because the stupid Army wouldn’t construct their arsenals in communal areas and leave the doors open 24 hours a day for everybody to enjoy.

Which reminds me. If we may turn aside for a second there are, in fact, timely lessons that can be learned from shootings. They’re just not the kinds of lessons that fit into a gun nut’s world view. Here’s a bit of history for candidate Ben ‘Bring It On’ Carson to learn from, from the 2009 Fort Hood shooting:

Army reserve Captain John Gaffaney tried to stop Hasan by charging him, but was mortally wounded before reaching him. Civilian physician assistant Michael Cahill also tried to charge Hasan with a chair, but was shot and killed. Army reserve Specialist Logan Burnett tried to stop Hasan by throwing a folding table at him, but he was shot in the left hip, fell down, and crawled to a nearby cubicle…

Base civilian police Sergeant Kimberly Munley, who had rushed to the scene in her patrol car, encountered Hasan in the area outside the Soldier Readiness Processing Center. Hasan fired at Munley, who exchanged shots with him using her 9mm M9 pistol. Munley’s hand was hit by shrapnel when one of Hasan’s bullets struck a nearby rain gutter, and then two bullets struck Munley: the first bullet hit her thigh, and the second hit her knee. As she began to fall from the first bullet, the second bullet struck her femur, shattering it and knocking her to the ground. Hasan walked up to Munley and kicked her pistol out of reach.

It turns out that charging an armed lunatic, with or without a gun, is a dangerous thing to do. A wingnut physician with an apparent fondness for raiding the medicine cabinet wouldn’t fare any better, I’m afraid. You will also note in the first shooting, as in the second

Fort Hood MP Hailed As Hero For Confronting Shooter

As investigators try to determine why Army Spc. Ivan Lopez would open fire on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, stories are emerging about the harrowing minutes on the post Wednesday and what are being described as the heroic actions of the military police officer who confronted the gunman.

CNN writes that “the military policewoman has not been identified, but by all accounts, she risked her life to ensure the bedlam wrought by Spc. Ivan Lopez came to a close.”

…that Fort Hood was not remotely a gun-free zone. But if you simply must ignore that it’s crawling with policemen, both civilian and military, go right ahead. Speaking of which, back to Willie:

Gun-free zones achieve the opposite of what is intended. Rather than making good people safer, it puts them at the mercy of the evil people.

So what is to be done? Should we do away with gun-free zones, particularly at schools?

That certainly seems to be the lesson.

That’s the lesson. We really needed someone at Umpqua Community College to be armed. We really needed somebody to step forward and stop this madman from killing any more people. That’s the answer to the chronic problem of mass shootings.

This is a terrific argument except for a small fact. Except for a lingering truth that plenty of people know full well, but that gun nuts can’t bring themselves to even check upon before opening their mouths. Umpqua Community College is NOT a gun-free zone.

Everyone with a concealed firearms license is allowed to bring guns on campus.

That is because a 1989 Oregon law forbids any public body except the Legislature from restricting the rights of concealed weapons permit-holders to bring guns where they wish…

Oregon gun owners with concealed firearms licenses know those licenses entitle them to carry loaded guns in nearly all public places.

About one in 16 Oregon adults have such licenses, Oregon State Police figures indicate.

As many as 250,000 people in Oregon have the right to carry a gun onto the Umpqua campus. Every day some of them do. And on the day of the shooting, as usual, they were there.

John Parker, a 36-year-old Army veteran studying to become a drug and alcohol counselor, is among the UCC students who hold weapons permits and bring guns to campus. He had his gun and his license with him on campus Thursday when the shooting took place.

He was in the college’s veterans center, just a few buildings away from Synder Hall, with some other students who were similarly permitted and armed, he told The Oregonian/OregonLive.

A college employee talked them out of leaving to try to use their guns to save others. The active shooter could have taken them down first. Law enforcement officers already on the scene would not have known their guns would be used to defend students and instructors, not hurt them, he said.

“If we would have run across the field, we would have been targets,” he said. “We made a good choice at the time.”

No argument with that. And might I add? There are some close-to gun-free zones in the world, but they’re not anywhere near here. They’re in Australia. And in Japan. And in Holland. Those countries have places where you may not bring guns into, and inside of them the odds of you being shot are close to zero.

And that’s a fact. A sad fact. Which leaves the gun nuts yelling at us from a strange place, with a curious argument: Because our Constitution allows some people to be armed some of the time, we must all be armed all of the time. There’s just no other way to be safe, they tell you. That is fucking stupid.


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