Goldberg does care about black people

Ben Carson is black and that should count for something…in 2016. That’s what Jonah Goldberg is shit-talking in the pages of the National Review. That your computer doesn’t catch fire at the moment of clicking the link is remarkable.

One could argue that he’s even more authentically African-American than Barack Obama, given that Obama’s mother was white and he was raised in part by his white grandparents…

Meanwhile, Carson grew up in Detroit, the son of a very poor, very hard-working single mother.

Where is Jonah going with this mess? After he levels Obama with the observation that his mother isn’t ghetto, (she’s white, folks…[pause]…that makes him white – U been JBerged!) Jonah goes after the Sovereign’s newspapers, who have been hiding the fact, in the midst of America’s dirty little ethnic war, that they frequently profess a profound love for their oddball Mahatma (see? *noogie*) in between morning and 4 o’clock teas. They even praise the occasional Doctor and/or Professor coolie in Jonah’s National Review between scheduled beatings, though such things are obviously required.

The New York Times is even reluctant to refer to him as a doctor. The Federalist reports that Jill Biden, who has a doctorate in education, is three times more likely to be referred to as “Dr.” in the Times as brain surgeon Carson. If the Times did that to a black Democrat, charges of racism would be thick in the air.

Just look at the way Jonah refers to Doctor Paul Krugman. And what he deigns to call Doctor Rachel Maddow. But I’m guessing I’m Not Charlie Rose!, or something, fart.

ADD: In case you were wondering, “Does Jonah Goldberg even know what hypocrisy is?”

jonah n tarantino

‘Deed he do.


4 thoughts Goldberg does care about black people

  1. avatar Rev. Howard Furst says:

    Something like the German academic title system would certainly be helpful here; perhaps calling him Herr Doktor Doktor Carson would clarify his exalted status.

  2. avatar toma says:

    “Under a little-known Nazi-era law, only people who earn PhDs or medical degrees in Germany are allowed to use “Dr.” as a courtesy title.”

    So I suppose he could get away with it here, but not anywhere in zee Fatherland.

  3. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    Shouldn’t we be arguing that Jonah is more authentically a veteran than I am because he defended the Bush White House more vigorously than I do or did?

  4. avatar toma says:

    Well that’s his Fatherland, isn’t it?

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