What about Trumpmentum?

I began by writing this in comments to the previous post, but then it went on a bit long. So here it is.

SAm says:

What’s your take on Trumpmentum? He can’t seem to say anything awful or ridiculous enough to get off the hook for the nomination. According to traditional media “gaffeology” (yeah, I just made that up. Apologies) he should have disqualified himself at least a dozen times by now, but the Republican base is just getting more and more aroused.

toma says:

Sigh. ‘Tis a puzzlement. I’ll begin my best guess this way:

…black people being treated equally. Women being allowed to marry each other, legally. A man-made catastrophe threatening the entire planet. These are a series of events overtaking the wingnut world for which bellowing and brainless gut-instinct have no answer. The only way to understand why these things have come about or how to get past them is rational thought, which they deem to be womanly and defeatist. Un-American frankly.

So Trump – the winner, the macho New Yorker – comes around and proceeds to bellow his way past, in the most convincing style, any and all problems without actually bothering to think about any of them. Finally, a no-nonsense candidate with all the answers! He carries the behavioral and the emotional hallmarks of having beaten the system without actually having played the game. He’d be beyond helpless of course if he ever had to face the threats of ISIS, or a sagging economy, or Global Warming, but he’ll at least have made everybody feel good about being American! …in the run-up to the election.

So it looks as if: 1.) Yes Trump could win the whole thing, and… 2.) This is what the brainless party has done to our country.

By embracing the fact-free-bullshit-is-patriotic politics of Rush Limbaugh, David Barton and Mitt Romney, Republicans have created a scenario in which a full-blown narcissist (whose had a life-long clinical need to lie to everybody to sustain his mental state, and who is therefore quite slippery and publicly shameless about such a thing…) is now on track to take charge of the country. To say that this would be a crap-caked disaster would be an understatement.

Unfortunately, it’s too late now for fellow Republicans to collectively come to their senses and thereby take him out. The rank-and-file voters are too far gone for that. Thirty years of Reagan’s ‘Rich people give money to the poors’ and fifteen more of Bush’s ‘Compassionate Conservatism is traumatic brain injury’ have so whipsawed their sensibilities they can no longer tell up from down. It’s laughable for Jeb Bush to try to prick the alleged sanity of his fellow Republicans by painting a rival as “not serious” or a “chaos candidate.” He’s only going to turn right around and say this about the refugee crisis:

“There should be really thorough screening and we should focus on creating safe havens for refugees in Syria rather than bringing them all the way across to the United States… But I do think there is a special important need to make sure that Christians from Syria are being protected because they are being slaughtered in the country.”

This is irrational. It’s not serious. Either the refugees are all trying to escape a war-torn hellhole or they’re all not. Jeb is playing a penny-ante game of Kabuki Christian favoritism and Muslim persecution he can’t possibly win. To wit:

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” a campaign press release said.

Game set and match, loser. When The Donald goes, he goes big. Bill Haley may have come up with ‘Rock Around the Clock’ before Elvis Presley was a thing, but hearing that old song only makes most people long for The King. Trump has short-circuited their fact-free politics and come up with the apotheosis of the bellowing vulgarian style. And as long as his rivals continue on in the same vein they’re only running shadow campaigns of the Real McCoy.

Incidentally CBS, ABC and the like are doing a grave disservice to the country by not declaring, “This Man Is Lying To You.” If they’re supposed to be doing something akin to journalism this is not controversial in the least. But no one knows what they’re “supposed” to do anymore. In reality, they’re only interested in making money.

And the main question, perhaps, you’re hinting at? Trump’s intentions? He’s a narcissist. So he’s honestly looking forward to being president, and he doesn’t think the job will be particularly hard.