Once again, a right-wing terrorist with a gooey liberal center

Here we go again. Breitbart pulling the ole’ bait and switch.

Hillary Clinton Backer Threatens Mosque, Media Blame Trump

The mainstream media are reporting that a Bay Area plumber who allegedly planned to bomb a California mosque was a Donald Trump supporter–though he explicitly supported Hillary Clinton…

…Celli wrote: “Hillary Would make a great president. If she would commit to what she is hiding. But she has to crucify the president. Then her run for the White house is over.”

See libtards? No way is he a right-winger. He said nice things about Hillary Clinton – he’s one of yours!

…left-wing sites played up Celli’s support of Trump, implying that Trump was responsible for “propelling” bigotry and “white domestic terrorism” into the “mainstream” of political debate.

Alright. But he’s for which politician? Was he a “backer” of Hillary Clinton, or of Donald Trump? Perhaps we should look at what else William Celli posted on his Facebook page? […umm, no that’s okay, you don’t uhh…] Oh, it’s no trouble. He must have had more to say about politics, right? […will you look at the time!…] Because lying is quite annoying.

Celli 1

Does that look like a typical Hillary supporter? Or is that more like a Trump supporter? Which of the two has been accused of “propelling bigotry”, incidentally? One of these candidates is likely to get a huge portion of the Latino vote, but it won’t be the one who kicked off his campaign by claiming Mexicans were rapists.

celli 2

Remind me again – who served as Obama’s Secretary of State?

celli 3

Well that’s simple enough. It couldn’t be more obvious. The bomber can’t make up his mind.

celli 5

And he hates Muslims (oh right, he was jailed for wanting to kill them). Clearly it’s Ms. Clinton who has got a running bigotry n’ bombs problem in her campaign. I suppose we should expect to see Donald make the most of all this, pointing out that domestic terrorism is un-patriotic, un-American, etc. We should see it very soon, I imagine. We’re likely to witness it any minute now. Here it comes…