Anyone for some spineless chicken? I’m going to Pander King.

Principles over politics it says here.

On the campaign trail, people saw the real Carly: a strong leader who doesn’t act like a career politician.

There’s some heartfelt testimony, right off the pages of her website.

Carly stands apart from the political class with her willingness to take any question, about any topic, and deliver answers in commonsense terms—not political sound bites.

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OK then. She’s going with Stanford over Iowa in today’s Rose Bowl, right?

Rooting for Iowa? Really. She spent four years on The Farm but wants her school to lose the big football game. Well it’s a damn good thing she’s not a politician. She’s also lucky her fellow Republicans don’t harbor any obsessions about loyalty. Or honesty, or regionalism, or what’s the name of that sports-game again? Football.

And I’m sure no one in Iowa will ever figure it out. They’re all a bunch of idiots over there, right?

MIC DROP. Ben Jacobs at the Daily Beast: