Breaking Germany: Poo crisis

Between all the bullet ridden blood soaked hellholes that pockmark our ragged world, which one of them would you say is “in crisis”? Not my choice of words, Jim Hoft’s. Which hopelessly fractured country would you say is deserving of Gateway Pundit’s hot tears and hand-wringing?

Syria? With its martial-imposed starvation and barrel bombs? And dismembered corpses littering the streets? Guinea, perhaps? With its decimated population, tent-housed clinics and hastily-dug graves of Ebola victims? Yemen, maybe? Where the governments of the U.S., Saudia Arabia and Iran fight a proxy war, delivering its people the usual terrorism, torture and death?

Or perhaps were you thinking…Germany?

germany in crisis

Welcome to the new Germany–
Where migrants masturbate in the pools and defecate in the showers.

Run everybody. And don’t ever look back.

Things are so bad authorities are posting no defecating in the shower signs. Via Instapundit:


Conservatives are so squeamish about…well, everything that I don’t doubt they really think a dookie dropped in the shower amounts to a second Holocaust. And if you suspect this is Jim Hoft’s lazy attempt at race baiting, you’d be right:

ZZZzzzz • 2 days ago

This is friggin sick. I love to go to the sauna and steam and, seriously, these maggots are infested with all kinds of disease and are so disgusting I would never go back to this swimming pool or use any of their facilities ever again. They ALL need to vacate Western Society! They are contaminating everything with their bodily fluids and are Kacken all over the place. Not immunized. Honestly…just reading this makes me wanna take a shower!!

Maureen Carr • 2 days ago

They have no skills whatsoever. They’re all uncivilized savages that can’t even be toilet trained. Totally useless.

David Braus · Spring, Texas

Dig up Hitler and let him fix the problem.

dave0987 • 2 days ago

Yep. Someone will catch goat aids from these subhuman savages.

Paladin • 2 days ago

Wait….you mean importing 3rd world Neanderthals has CONSEQUENCES?! Whoda thunk it? I know! We should import a million more! And when all the pregnant ones crap out another 10 million babies named Mohammed, I’m sure things will be MUCH better 20 years from now.

Bottom line: goodbye, Europe.

FlamingLimousineLiberal • 2 days ago

Germany should be ashamed trying to integrate sand fleas into their culture! Sand fleas are here to bring their culture to Germany and convert it to Sand Flea-ism!

Pa Bell • 2 days ago

The monkey boy will bring tens of thousands of dune coons into the country and, unlike the ones that are trashing Europe, the one’s that land here will disappear into the woodwork and patiently wait for their time to come, just like all the other one’s that have been here for some time now.

Guessed Mike • 2 days ago

Did they insist on special breaks together so they could all bark at the moon together in the middle of the shift too? And did you see that thing where they go to the sink and blow water and boogers everywhere out their nose and onto the walls, plumbing fixtures, and surprised co-workers because Mo told them to? And don’t get me started on when they wash their little dongs off in the sink – the only cleaning they do, by the smell – ’cause their counterfeit God is offended by their drippy, syphilis-encrusted tube going back in their nasty pants with a possible drop of urine still on it….

At this time let me offer my congratulations to They’ve done a terrific job improving their filters. Not only is there not a single ‘nigger’ comment on their post (7300+ comments, my gosh), I couldn’t even manage to scrape up a measly ‘sand roach’. Well done.

David • a day ago

my dad was in tripoli,libya during ww2. he told me they were inbreds/homos when he was there. some people just can’t change. germany thinks they can educate these animals.

Michael Anthony • 2 days ago

Sick animals. Round these freaks up and put them into mass graves.

Talking Charlie • 2 days ago

I am armed and and well trained , have a lot of buddies that are as well .. We talk about worst case scenarios all the time … Believe me if this ever started here we would take care of it ….!!!!!

Lt_Scrounge William • 7 hours ago

Always remember when setting a Claymore mine that you need to use the tester when checking the circuit. Failure to attach the tester to the clacker can cause catastrophic problems when the blasting cap goes off unexpectedly. A field expedient detonator can be made from two D cell batteries and some duct tape. A CR-123 battery from a tactical flashlight will also generate the necessary 3 volts of power. Also remember to place the back against something reasonably solid and to take cover because 2 lbs of C4 going off does tend to cause debris to scatter in all directions, even if the ball bearings in the mine are going towards the enemy. Can you tell I was an ROTC teaching assistant in college?

peg_c • 2 days ago

Don’t forget centuries of inbreeding. I bet the average IQ is 60.

ladywarrior • a day ago

Just the diseases that we conquered decades ago being re-introduced to our country is going to kill or disable a lot of Americans; children especially vulnerable.

The Leftys say we aren’t Christian because we won’t welcome them. The last time I checked I don’t know any Christians – or even Jesus – who want to harm their families and their fellow citizens with these horrors to come. Since when is it Christian to take part in the destruction of your country and family?…