Crazy about politics

Sarah Palin is beyond my human understanding.

Sarah Palin canceled a campaign stop for Donald Trump in Florida on Monday after her husband Todd was injured in a snowmobile crash in Alaska.

A source told NBC News that Todd Palin was in “a very serious” crash Sunday night and is currently hospitalized in intensive care.

In a brief unplanned appearance before Trump’s afternoon event in Tampa, Palin referenced the “little wreck” and thanked audience members for their prayers.

Her husband Todd gets in a “little wreck” (très macho bullshit) and she won’t even go home to check on him? What the heck, he’s only in the intensive care. There are a whole bunch of Trump fans waiting for her to speak! She’s going to call the pesky Black Lives Matters protestors “punk ass”! Woo hoo! She’s insane.