The brazen liberal effort to embarrass a Southern gentleman


Spencer Collier, head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency until he was fired today, said this afternoon he has seen and investigated text messages and audio recordings “of a sexual nature” between Gov. Robert Bentley and his chief advisor, Rebekah Caldwell Mason…

“It’s a horrible, ugly episode and I am ashamed to have been around it,” Collier said. “But I told him I would never lie for him.”

Then, yesterday, secretly-recorded tape of the Republican Governor having a phone conversation with Rebekah Mason was released to the public.

…I love that, you know I do love that. You know what, hon? When I stand behind you, and I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts, and I put my hands under you and just, and pull you in real close… Hey I love that too. Put my arms, my hands under you…


I know. I’m thinking about it right now so I better quit… I can tell you were thinking about it last night… I changed, I changed the subject, didn’t I?… It’s okay, everything’s going to be fine, we’re gonna be alright this week… I know, I know it is… Hey I love you, I love touching you, I do, I do, I do love putting my hands…just holding you real tight, I do, I do… But baby let me tell you what we’re gonna have to do, we’re gonna have to start locking the door. If we’re gonna do we what we did the other day we’re gonna start having to lock the door.

The 44 year-old Mason is currently Bentley’s senior political advisor. Between July of 2013 and November of 2014 the former Miss Alabama contestant was paid $426,978 by the campaign to elect the Governor for “consulting and polling work” [the Governor’s yearly salary is $119,950. -ed.] This was Mason’s reaction yesterday.

“There is no way that man (Collier) would have said what he did…about another man. He only said what he said about my professional abilities because I am a woman. His comments were clear, demonstrated gender bias,” Mason said.

Here’s what the Governor had to say:

Bentley said his comments, captured on recordings in 2014, have hurt his family and Mason’s. He called today “a difficult day”…

He repeated over and over that his sins were in the words he used in talking to Mason, nothing more.

When asked to comment on the recordings – part of which include Bentley describing how he liked the come up behind the woman and touch her breasts – he clarified that it was not a “sexual relationship”…

He said he has done nothing wrong, and asks for the the people’s understanding.

That bit about it being a “difficult day” for his family is laughable. They long ago figured out what he was doing:

The tapes for which he apologized were purportedly created by members of the Bentley family in 2014 as they tried to ascertain whether he was involved in a relationship. People close to the Bentley family allowed to hear portions of the tapes, in which Bentley describes his love for Mason.

What a fitting comeuppance. How many families have been destroyed by a politician’s cruelty and infidelity over the years? Wives and children are routinely used as hollow campaign props at the beginning of a career and shelter in the end. But this time a battered family got the chance to strike first: You want to betray us? To embarrass us? Then you want to pretend its your enemies that are causing us grief? Fine, everybody come and hear the tapes we made of Governor Horndog slobbering over his honey on the phone. Have yourself a lovely scandal, dumbass. Considering that they did this at the risk of being slurred as “liberals” by the governor’s cronies, I’d say they’re pretty brave.

“You know I just I worry about sometimes I love so you much,” Bentley is heard saying in a phone conversation with a woman he calls Rebekah.” I worry about loving you so much.”

At the press conference today, he said he loved all of his staff.

Yeah, right. I doubt he’s ever fondled Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey’s breasts.