Barack Crime Wave Boogaloo

This morning, I imagine, after you got up and tossed the rocks back through the window, and beat down the tranny in the mask who tried to mug you on the way to the toilet, you probably wondered how the hell your town got to be such a rotten place to live. This is the most wonderful place in the world, you once thought. It seems like only yesterday (think Iraq War) that roses fairly bloomed in the sidewalk planters, people hugged the mailman as he tried to walk by, and ivy crawled up the trellises with an audible humm. It had the overall effect of a lemon-smelling Lawrence Welk placing a stout hand on your shoulder. But not any more. Those days are gone.

The Obama Crime Wave Comes to Minnesota

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that so far in 2016, shootings in Minneapolis are up by an astounding 85% over 2015. Other violent crime is up as well…

Though Assrocket posts a graphic that only shows a surge in gun violence in Minneapolis’ North Side, one part of one city in one state, and even though the article he uses to savage Barack Obama’s America warns everybody this:

Criminologists caution against reading too much into early month crime statistics, and police say that in some respects, not much is different about this current surge in gun violence. Most shootings are clustered around fast-food restaurants and convenience stores, along busy transit corridors and anywhere where open-air drug dealing thrives.

…such sensible cautions are strangely missing from his criminology. Scud-butt breezes past the caveats and declares the ‘Obama Crime Wave’ an American crisis. The blacks found you and robbed you recently, right? What next?

The only plausible explanation is a combination of the Ferguson Effect and the racial hostility promoted by the Obama administration and the Black Lives Matter organization.

Spiraling lawlessness and serial shootings are mysteries best understood, pardon me only understood, by invoking “The only plausible explanation.” Which is:

Barack Obama and his minions have promoted racial division and a relentless attack on police forces as a means to political power. The inevitable result is now being seen all around the country: the Obama crime wave.

You can’t explain the rise in Minneapolis’ North Side gun violence any other way, notwithstanding the same article’s higher-column sub-headings of “Gangs still a problem” and “Multiple factors”. A sensible man simply has to assert a continental-wide explosion in violence due to a president’s “racial hostility”. And Bara-boombaye is never going to sic the National Guard on Black Lives Matters protests, okay? Such is his hostility on brazen display, as when He praises

…the movement as “really effective in bringing attention to problems,” but said young activists should be more willing to work with political leaders to craft solutions instead of criticizing from outside the political process.

And as well when he goes so far as to provide them with this sort of material support:

“Once you’ve highlighted an issue and brought it to people’s attention and shined a spotlight, and elected officials or people who are in a position to start bringing about change are ready to sit down with you, then you can’t just keep on yelling at them,” Mr. Obama said.

I’m sorry but it just couldn’t be made any more obvious, folks. President Obama simply hates policemen. So let’s not blame them for sitting in their cruisers with their arms folded and their eyes filled with tears while the city around them explodes in anti-white violence. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that the people we empower to kill require unconditional love.