Despite all his rage, he sucks

No wonder I hated Smashing Pumpkins.

Billy Corgan had strong words for social justice movements and liberals in a new interview. “When I watch some of the clips … of some of these protests, I have no respect for what these people are doing … They’re shutting down free speech. … I just don’t get it. To me it’s antithetical to the society that I believe in.”

Oh, that society. The one that Billy Corgan believes in. Well that’s a little bit o’ heaven. That’s the place where the whiniest little singer in rock n’roll steals Nirvana’s playbook and wins the Super Bowl of fame, stardom, and riches. OTOH, in the laissez-faire society that I believe in, Billy Corgan ends up playing third-rate rock clubs in between bleating about the ungrateful coloreds of Black Lives Matter on fat-slob radio, looking like he pulled his getup from the trash bin behind Abercrombie & Fitch.

billy corgan

Who knew justice could look so wimpy?

“The tactics in the social-justice warrior movement are to stifle and shut down free speech,” he said. “And I would argue in the world that I live in, which is the bareknuckle world, they’re leveraging their position because they don’t have power.”

Typical of losers to want to ‘leverage’ things without having any power, right? Might as well put a lever to some problem that you can’t use. Or maybe take out a loan against all the collateral that you don’t have. What a weedlie-weedlie Corganesque try at using three-syllable words. But let’s not lose sight of the hardscrabble world that He has come from, the Tiny Tim of Generation X.

“You try to tell someone here who you might argue is taking advantage of our social welfare system or is gaming the system somehow and say, ‘Look, you’re telling me America sucks and you’re spitting on the flag, try living in one of these third world countries and see how far that gets you,” he said.

You wanna complain? Try doing it in the Kaiser’s face! [*…pulls kazoo from Cote & Ciel rucksack, puts in fishmouth, starts blowing Begin The Beguine…*]

“It’s always very interesting to me when you see the way gays and lesbians are treated in some other countries in the world. If [American protesters] have that level of vitriol for, let’s say, Donald Trump as a candidate…where is the five-times greater condemnation for those societies that are treating their people far worse than just ideas and words?”

You’ve been staring at your own house? You don’t like the way it looks? Yeah? You think it could use a new coat of paint? WHY DON’T YOU PAINT SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE FIRST HMM? Sheesh. Why must Billy Corgan have to explain everything?


2 thoughts Despite all his rage, he sucks

  1. avatar oats says:

    Smashing pumpkins was interesting , in 1991. lol And it wasn’t about Billy – it was about how each member sounded together… James Iha (guitar player) was shoved under one of Billy’s SUV’ stretch busses long ago .and continued to be run over and dragged by billy. James was the architect of the sonic pallett and billy was the ‘big brain’ director. So I can’t fault Smashing pumpkins because they were a group… once that dissolved follow billy’s output and it’s dark, bleak, baby music.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Well, good on you finding something to like about their music. I tried, but I couldn’t do it. I soon as I heard Billy’s whining my brain shut off. I couldn’t take it.

    I will also mention that a great many young singers nowadays sing in this same fashion, and I very much hate the radio. Yes, I’m an Old.

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