All of the really good Nazi. Just the best Nazi.

Hillary Clinton, the money-grubbing New York Jewess…

hillary the jew

…was attacked on Twitter this morning by member in good standing of the master race Donald Trump. Hell these tactics worked once before, why not try ’em again?

nazi propaganda

Take zat you fill-see Democrat. And your Mexicans. And your Muslims. Pocahontas wooh-wooh-wooo! UNTERVOLK…sad.

At some point this schweinhund bullshit will wear thin and Trump will have no choice but to start pulling the heads off of puppies with his razor-encrusted hands. Republicans being the moral monsters they are, Donald will otherwise stand a pretty good chance of becoming the next president. So here’s looking forward to that glorious misfortune, friends, the gooey gory puppyguts day that will save America – if not rescue our tsk tsk stubborn House Speaker Paul Ryan. WHO will sorrowfully dog-paddle his way ‘cross a pit of boiling iron in a cyanide conflagration to cast his vote for Donald. Traurig.