Completely nuts as usual

Conservatism is a panicky mindset that prevents the sufferer from discerning reality in any meaningful way. OR, maybe, conservatism is a reality-challenged mindset that prevents the sufferer from mitigating panic in any meaningful way. One way or the other, science bears out the connection between right-wingers and fear obsessions, though no one yet knows how they’re connected.

That’s a heads-up for you, before I post the reactions of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to the shootings in Dallas. Because if there is anyone to be pitied, beyond Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and the 5 blameless policemen executed last night, it is this pathetic beast.

He blamed Black Lives Matter protesters for the violence against police and said people “with big mouths are creating situations like we saw last night.”

“We have to have their back,” Patrick said of police. “And I’m sick and tired of those who are protesting our police and putting their lives in danger.”

You protestors and your big mouths. Why are you all so negative? Why are you so one-sided? Why can’t you mention how great these cops are once in awhile? You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, you know.

“All those protesters last night, they turned around and ran the other way expecting the men and women in blue to protect them. What hypocrites!” an audibly emotional Patrick said.

An armed lunatic starts gunning people down and what do you whiners do? Run the hell away. What’s that? You don’t have a badge? Or a gun? You can still run toward the shooter. You can run right out in front of the cops and start waving your arms. Ever consider that? You won’t survive, but it’s better than people only thinking you’re some sort of cynical protestor.