Really, Roger Ailes? Why, I mean, that is so weird.

Race-baiting Nixon crony and Fox News evil genius Roger Ailes apparently thinks women were put on His Earth to fellate Him unto corner-office boardroom eternity.

…Carlson alleged that Ailes began “ostracizing, marginalizing, and shunning” her when she refused to have a sexual relationship with him and complained of her treatment by Ailes…

When Carlson met with Ailes to discuss the discriminatory treatment to which she was being subjected, Ailes allegedly stated, “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better,” according to the complaint, adding that “sometimes problems are easier to solve” that way.

Unfortunately the former Miss America wasn’t interested in “solving” Ailes’ 76 year-old junk. So she filed a lawsuit Wednesday, about a fraction of a second after she got fired. I’ve heard of bad liars before, but lickety-split ones? New to me.

It seems that Murdoch’s Göring has been forcing his bloat-mealy self on women waaay out of his league for decades. Lord knows how many of these poor creatures have given The Blob his workplace-orgasms over the last half century. Frankly, one prefers to remain free from wondering about such things lest the shock to his fight-or-flight cortex begin The Eternal Vomiting.

I was 16 years old living in Radnor, Pennsylvania. I was sent over for a walk-on part on The Mike Douglas Show in the winter of 1967. It was 6:30 in the evening and the place was totally closing up. Ailes took me into this big office and locked the door with a key. He reclined on a couch in a seating area under a map that had flags of all the cities they were syndicated in. He proceeded to pull down his pants and very gingerly pull out his genitals and said, “Kiss them.” And they were red like raw hamburger.

Now THERE’s a picture for you. Good night y’all, god bless, you go and have yourselves a lovely Saturday evening…