Allen West doesn’t like black people

Mysterious cabals. Secret handshakes. People talking in code. And the grand destruction of the lives of 40 million Americans over the last 50 years. Don’t forget this dastardly scheme, it seems, has been carried out by the victims of the plan, allen-westin view of the entire world, with the happy help of tens of millions more. What in the world is Allen West going on about?

He’s talking about an historic project undertaken by black folks and white liberals to waylay the African American community, going all the way back to when LBJ was Master of the Plantation. The hippies and the brothers have been getting together for five decades and inventing new ways to soul shake, high five, and destroy the lives of half the members inside the clubhouse.

Something is happening in this presidential election cycle that has some folks totally up in arms. A white GOP presidential candidate is addressing the issues in the black community.

Trump: “Poverty. Rejection. Horrible education. No housing, no homes, no ownership. Crime at levels that nobody has seen… And I ask you this…to the African Americans…: What the hell do you have to lose?”

Yes. But then West himself has a house, and a home, and ownership, and an education, and very little crime. If we were to ask Donald, would he qualify as a black person? Would Allen still count? Does he even exist? Notably, his un-blackness was delivered to him by way of his Army career, which the Trumpsters of the early 20th century fought dearly to deny him. Is there anything interesting in that? I don’t know, maybe you could ask Harry Truman.

…of course, Donald J. Trump has kicked the hornet’s nest and is consistently castigated with the ultimate denigrating moniker of “racist.” Trump is finding out that there is a super-secret club handshake in the black community. And the only white people who have been provided that code are white liberal progressive socialists.

This is Allen’s sole purpose as a politician, particularly as a Republican. There’s really not much else for him to do – he was kicked out of the Army for being crazy. He was voted out of an uber-Republican congressional district after getting beaten by a Democrat – in Florida. The locals thought he was whacko (“I just talked the truth. I think that a lot of people maybe are not comfortable hearing the truth.”).

So this is all he’s good for – being asked about black people so he can call them the worst things he can think of. All of these losers are Democrats because they just really dig slave life: “21st-century plantation”…”economic dependency plantation”…”people on that plantation”…”away from that plantation”…”overseers over that plantation”. But after his one term in Congress, where he fashioned himself “the modern-day Harriet Tubman”, West’s career has cratered and he needs to try something new. So he’s going undercover for Townhall, as a normal black man.

…I know the super-secret handshake, the code. I just refuse to be a dependent subject, and that is threatening.

So, this:

…we have someone challenging the failed progressive policies of the inner city and his sincerity is questioned? Why has no one EVER questioned the sincerity of the Democrats who have run the inner cities of America for decades? Easy answer, they have the secret sauce and Hillary Clinton even admitted she carries it in her purse.

West has repeatedly called African-Americans plantation slaves because they voted for Barack Obama, and this is…fine? Typical talk? He pooh-poohs the race sincerity of Hillary Clinton because she carries hot sauce around in her purse, and…? Because he knows…what? I don’t know. Honestly, it looks to me as if Allen has an unhealthy proprietary interest in a certain group of people. Frankly West couldn’t appear to be more jealous if he’d owned the term “cynical racism” himself. The fact that he’s so out of step with his co-hort isn’t a surprise – and I doubt it makes him feel any better about himself.

When the left, (or the appointed black gatekeepers) are challenged on their policy shortcomings in the black community, the retort is racism…

Right. Instead of addressing any of the problems within his own community, West only repeatedly resorted to epithets. He was rejected because of it, his career ended. Now here’s Donald Trump calling the exact same people uneducated losers, and Allen couldn’t be more puzzled. Heck I don’t understand, why don’t they love him?

Trump’s popularity with African-American voters polling at zero

The liberal-leaning firm asked African-American voters a set of questions, including whether they preferred Trump to things such as bedbugs, junk mail, carnies, bubonic plague and middle airplane seats.

It has to be a conspiracy.