Dodgers do it again (lose)

I grew up here in L.A. and I love this town. But this Dodger team is killing me.

Since they won the World Series in 1988, they’ve been to the postseason 10 times. They’re 4 and 10 in playoff series. They’re 18 and 32 in playoff games. They’re 6 and 16 in National League Championship Series games in just the last 9 seasons. That’s .270 for the stat guys.

And they haven’t once been to the World Series. 50 playoff games, zero World Series appearances. We haven’t so much as won a 3rd game in the NLCS in 28 years. I’m thinking this is some sort of historic lameness, but I’m too pissed off to look it up. GAH.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Closer Kenley Jansen has a regular season ERA of around 2.20, but he was 4.20 this year in the postseason. Joe Blanton was at 2.59 for the season, but then he hit the playoffs: 21.00. Clayton Kershaw won his 3rd Cy Young two years ago with an earned run average of 1.77(!). But his lifetime playoff ERA is 4.95. Over and over, when the Dodgers go to the playoffs they turn into pumpkins. That’s the story. October shows up, and they stink.

ADD: Oh yeah. Congratulations to the Cubs (grumble).

MORE: It’s a record. The Braves and the A’s have 9 postseasons in a row without a World Series appearance, but the Dodgers have 10. Hooray, we win.